Good Grief

Due to the recent tuition hike at my graduate school and the impending rent hike I will have next year, I have decided to come out of the self imposed (Graduate School related) plushie hiatus I was enduring.

I feel I should start preemptively saving money so I can, you know, eat next year? I’ve contemplated employment but I worry I’ll work too much to get enough time to devote to my studies, and as I am online currently I cannot work for my school, so that’s out.

Time to start breaking out the fabric reserves I have left and rebuild those calluses on my fingers! >_<

Also, anyone catch the season 2 premier of The Walking Dead or been watching American Horror Story? So The Walking Dead is brilliant as always, and if you haven’t watched the first season (or read the comics) then I say shame on you. Ok not really, but I strongly recommend both. No really, the comics are some of the best I’ve read in a while, and the series does not disappoint! Unless of course, you don’t like zombies. It’s on AMC Sundays at 9, which turned out to be nicer than expected because I’m winding my weekend work/insanity around then anyway.

As for American Horror Story, I was completely intrigued by the commercials, and after 2 episodes I am still have no idea what the hell is really going on but it’s fun and I’m enjoying it. I am unsure how long the season is going to be, I suppose it may be roughly 6 episodes like season 1 (and probably season 2) of The Walking Dead. Fun enough, the website has video and a tour of each room in the house with new clues each week about what it going on. I haven’t looked at them yet (stupid grad school, lol) but I’m going to before the new episodes comes on this Wednesday (FX at 10–>also the same channel It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is on…WIN).

I figure since I’m not doing much socially for Halloween this year, I might as well enjoy the holiday as much as I can through other methods.

Off to go plush, any suggestions?



That is the sound that my brain is making.  Why you ask?  Because I finished several commissions that I had and have spent the past two days trying to contact the people who ordered them to no avail.  Well…some avail.  Etsy decided to get all complex on me and shuffle things about so that I almost had no idea what to do about one person’s order while trying to reserve list another person’s order.  It was all just a bit more ridiculous than it actually needed to be.

I’m close to pulling my hair out now however.  I have an odd honor system about my orders.  I try not to accept money for anything until I have completed the order, and I try to ship the item out as fast as I can one I receive the payment.  I feel like a customer really deserves nothing less, and I am really uncomfortable with taking money for something that does not yet exist.  I understand that is just a twitch of mine.  It just bothers me and since I can operate around it, I do.

However I now have 4 orders ready to ship and only one person has responded and paid me so I can ship out her order tomorrow. >_<  I’m getting twitchy with all these people’s order scattered about on my desk…judging me.
In awesome news, whilst I was frantically corresponding back and forth with the girl whose order went all wonky, I updated some much needed mess.  I added a widget for my

Etsy Shop on to my Tumblr, which was exciting.  I learned (the hard way) that I cannot post a moving widget on my blog, I changed/added/fixed my frickin Gravatar image thingy that had been plaguing me for ages, and then I made a new banner that is considerably less crap-tastic for my etsy.

Voldenae's Plushies

Judge it if you like, it looks much better than the old banner I made and I’m proud of it.  If you are interested in browsing or purchasing anything from my shop, just click the banner or click the link I added to the section with my other websites.  I take commissions for items that might be sold out of my shop, and I also take suggestions and ideas for new things to try to make.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Getting back into the swing of trying to review some things (that aren’t tv shows >_<), I wanted to mention that I have been playing a lot of LittleBigPlanet 2 recently as it just came out last week.  As much as I loved LBP (and oh how I loved it), LBP 2 is so amazing that I feel no need to ever play LBP again. The first one was revolutionary in its own right and was pure amazing.  In the second one, Media Molecule has seriously outdone themselves.  I had no idea how they could possibly improve an already great game, but they seriously upped the ante on this one in a way that not many developers ever manage of their sequels (unless you’re Naughty Dog making Uncharted that is).  LittleBigPlanet 2 is unfiltered awesome.  UNFILTERED!!!!I haven’t finished the story mode yet, I am seriously trying to not rush through it since I sincerely believe that I would if I didn’t control myself.  I have been playing a lot of the community made levels though, and some of those have been quite amazing.  There are people who do not have lives that just build LBP levels and I bless their creative little hearts for it.

In a quick mention, I am currently reading Married With Zombies.
Ok to be fair I am reading a lot of things right now, all of which involve dead things, and that is including my textbooks for class.  Anyway, I am only a third of the way in and I’m finding it pretty enjoyable.

In general I love zombie books.  Mainly because I love zombies, and I love books.  Naturally the two combined should strike my fancy.  This is not always the case, which is just bully on them.  Jesse Petersen is a fun writer though, and that’s what I love about her.  Authors that take themselves too seriously and ruin any fun in reading a book that doesn’t have to be serious are just lame.  That’s right, lame.

I also feel that if you aren’t a good writer then you should be funny.  It’s true, it makes reading something less than stellar entertaining.  Luckily this is not the case with Petersen.  She’s funny without having to be a bad writer, which I find I appreciate.  The emerging genre of RomZomComs (Romantic Zombie Comedy) or ZomRomCom depending on who you are I suppose, is probably one of my favorite genres to read now.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with its sequel Dawn of the Dreadfuls did it well too,  this genre is just right up my alley.

By the way, all the links for these books go to Goodreads which is an awesome site where you can track what you’ve read and look up reviews by other readers about books you may be interested in.  It’s also spectacular for helping you find new books if you are looking for something new.  I highly recommend it, it’s free and super fast to sign up.

Have a lovely day/night/whatever time you are reading this, I’m going to go make sure I haven’t forgotten to update anything online while I’m on a roll.  Potential future posts about silly zombie apocalypse advice coming soon?  We’ll see what strikes my fancy.


So I know I have been absent like a tard from my own blog.  I need to fix that.

So in further shameless self promotion I wanted to post pictures of plushies I’ve been working on lately that you can commission from me.

The Triboniophorus Tyrannus (middle), the Brain Slugs (updated version in bottom picture) and Brain Slug Beanie are all available by commission.
You can email me at to get info or commission one.


Wow Absence

Life has been taking over, so I haven’t been gaming much to review things.  I’ve also not been watching new movies to review.  I haven’t been hooping.  In fact, all I’ve been doing is studying, writing papers, and making plushies.

Lots and Lots of plushies.

These plushies to be exact.  These are Brain Slugs based off of the Futurama Brain Slugs, and the Triboniophorus Tyrannus, based on the Team Fortress 2 unlockable Pyro hat.

I have to blow my own horn here.  I am terribly proud of these.  I could find no pattern for them to make them as cloth plushie instead of as crochet plushies.  Since I couldn’t, I made my own pattern and after a trial run, I had one I liked.
Granted, the pattern has evolved even more, as is evident in this picture.  The Brain Slugs have more squared heads as the T.T. has a rounder head.

All the ones in this picture have been sold.  In response i will be making more, with the rounder head now.

I have been selling them in my Etsy Shop.  I can’t keep them in stock however, they sell too fast.  So if you would like one, just contact me.  You can use my Facebook to get a hold of me.  I’ve been selling them for about $15 with $3 shipping in the U.S. and appropriate shipping internationally.

If you have questions about them, don’t hesitate to ask.  Also since it’s posted, don’t hesitate to add me on fb.

I’ll update with more reviews later when I have time to game again!!

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