Fear Not

I’m not dead, I’m just very busy. Holidays do that to a person yes?

I’ve been home (in NC) since Thanksgiving…without my own car. I rode down with the boyfriend, thinking “No problem, my parents have a spare”, which was cool by them, until it died the week I was set to come home. Car-less for a month and change in a hectic holiday and “Visit me because I haven’t seen you in months!” world is no bueno.

Next time, no matter how annoying it is to take two cars down initially, it is happening if I have to stay longer than a week without my own transport.

I will be back in WV, preparing for the start of my second semester of graduate school next week however, and (somewhat) normal posting shall resume.

Coming up I have a few mini-game reviews (video, board, card and even table top rpg!!), some book suggestions, as well as two books to finish and review for the authors as they were gracious enough to procure advanced copies for me. One is the second in Tony Bertraud’s Socket Greeny series that I have reviewed the first in, and another is something that sounds insane and hilarious and I can’t wait to read it. My family also rained ebooks on me, as well as traded in older less awesome books for “new” books I have not yet read.

On that note, support your local book traders people, they are pretty amazing and have a slew on hidden gems.


I have acquired an iphone (due to family hijacking my old phone and upgrading me) and it has a wordpress application, can anyone tell me if it’s worth a damn? I’ve looked at it but not had a chance to really use it yet but didn’t want to bother too much if it’s a bust.

What are you looking forward to in 2012? I haven’t decided yet. Although I may take the time to start a bucket list instead of a resolution list this New Year.

I hope the Holidays have been lovely for everyone, Be back next year!!!!



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