Humble Frozen Synapes Bundle Part 2 (editted)


I know I just posted about the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, but great news, a new game (and potentially more) has just been added!

It is called Trauma and is an artistic style game about a girl who has been in an accident and she deals with the loss of her parents through a series of dreams, which you participate in as the player.


So the newest game added to the bundle is Space Chem and many of my gamer friends assure me that this game by itself is enough to purchase the bundle! I am looking forward to playing it…after I get all my classwork for this week finish and host my boyfriends study group/jeopardy study session this weekend (which I was just informed I was doing O_o)

6 days left in the bundle!!


Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Do you like dirt cheap things? Do you like helping charity? Do you like games?

Well then have I got the perfect thing for you!

For the past year or so, something has been going around the internet called the Humble Indie Bundle. What it is, is a group of popular indie games, bundled together. In order to get them, you donate however much you want. Your donation goes to the developers,  to the charity Child’s Play  and EFF, and to the Humble company, or if you chose, all to charity or one of the others. You can alter how much of your donation goes to each. So far there have been about 5 of these releases (give or take one) and generally each release includes around 5 games (except the Frozenbyte bundle which they kept adding more and more games to).

In this most recent release, the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, only one game (Frozen Synapse) is available. (You can listen to a technical review of Frozen Synapse here on Total Biscuit’s channel, as I doubt I could explain it to save my life). It is only one game and not even one I am terrible interested at that. But here is the kicker, if you donate over the average amount (around $4.17 when I donated earlier and is currently at $4.51) you can get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle which has a ton of games (One of which is Trine which is an absolute blast in my opinion). You can even feel free to only donate $0.01 if you feel so inclined. So far the Humble Bundles have raised over $2 million for charities.

Also, I forgot to mention, all the games on the Humble bundles are DRM free. So as long as you keep your confirmation email with the link in it, you can download these games as many times as you want!

The Humble tech ninjas are amazing and will help you as quickly as they can with any problem whatsoever, so no fear there. They helped get us all through the fiasco which was the donators essentially screwing paypal up with the rapid fire donations they were processing ^_^.

All in all, I have nothing terrible to say about the bundles. I mean it is a way to get cheap games and to help out a good cause. I have all of them regardless of whether I like the games or not just to donate to the charity. (Even broke grad students donate to charity when they can!)

If you aren’t sure about it quite yet, have no fear, there are 13 days left to think about it. Also I am sure they will be another one and I will happily post it here as a reminder. You can also follow them on Twitter @humble for notifications. I think you also get an email about the next one automatically when you donate, although I am sure you can sign up for the email without donating.

Happy Gaming!!!


Oh don’t mind me

While I have a brief fangirl moment.

Most of you know my love for british television, and I thank you for dealing with my rantings, be please prepare for another quick one.

The Misfits, which is a show about 5 delinquents who obtain powers from a lightning storm during community service.

There are two seasons out so far, and Hulu, being AWESOME has put them all online for free, so if you haven’t seen them and are interested you can go have a look-see or have a quick refresher for the upcoming season.

Season 3 is of course why I am geeking out.The season starts soon, although I unfortunately can’t tell you exactly when as my research failed.

I am also curious to see if Hulu posts the new videos after they air like they do with other shows like Bones (although Hulu doesn’t give you access to entire seasons of Bones unless you have a paid sub, only the most recent 5 episodes). I am hoping they do, but I guess we wont really find out until the show starts (I am crossing my fingers though since I don’t get BBC America or E4 currently…sadness).

The filler episode between season 2’s finale and season 3’s premier is finally out and gives an explanation as to why Nathan will not being in season 3.

Also, I just found out today that the season 3 promo trailer is out! (hence the reason for the post really)


I’m excited! If you want something funny and quirky then I’d recommend you give it a watch, its definitely worth it.

Echo Bazaar

So I have recently come across Echo Bazaar…again.

The last (first) time I came across this it was either in closed beta or not open yet. Now its in an open beta so I dove right in.

The “About” section reads as follows:


Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires.
But Londoners can get used to anything. And it’s quiet down here with the devils and the darkness and the mushroom wine. Peaceful.
But then YOU arrived.
Welcome. Delicious friend.
Yes, it is FREE! You connect to the game with Twitter or Facebook so that occasionally you can “echo” storylets. While you may not want to spam friends, doing this once a day gets you an automatic energy refill up to 10 actions. Pretty nice to for me considering I only have 10 actions at the moment.
I’ve only been playing a few days, and not even consecutively at that. You start out as a prisoner in Fallen London (which seems deliciously steampunk-esque) and you have to figure out how to escape. There are so many choices for actions that help develop your character and what characteristics you want them to have. I haven’t had a solid path yet, I’ve just been bouncing all over the place to see what it going on and how things work. Also I’m trying to get a decent base in the four main stats they give you (Danger, Watchfulness, Shadowy, Persuasive). The higher one of these is, the more storylets specific to that trait unlock that need that trait for completion.
So far it seems that some of my choices so legitimately change certain things about the game. Also, unless you use an encounter card that is used up once, you can repeat an action that you have failed. Each failure still helps level you up in that trait though, so no action is truly wasted.
You care given x number of cards and you can chose to draw one and try to complete it, which could yield mad loot or just something twisted, or you can try to follow little storylets and plot lines to make your way through Fallen London.
I think the point of the game is to try to make your way from a nothing jailbird to an influencial person in Fallen London. I think. Don’t quote me on that since I’ve only got a little bit of time into game play.
If you want to join me my name on EB is Voldenae Marlo and you can click this link to my Mantelpiece. At the bottom left is a “Join Voldenae Marlo” button you can click and join me. If you do please let me know, and (if I can help) I will help as much as I can and we can gang up on Fallen London together!
I’m going to try to figure more out…..

Fright Night

Ok let’s be honest here, I was not going to review Fright Night because I thought that it would be unnecessary to do so. Since it’s a remake of a movie that a lot of people still remember I though the nostalgia factor would carry it through.

I was partly correct. A lot of people did go for the nostaligia, however, it had to fight another nostalgia inducer at the box office…Conan. Even for me it was a tough choice as I was raised on both of these. But I was also dragging the significant other along and he had little interest in Conan. Also he was swayed by Movie Bob.

Quick Side note, if you are unfamiliar with Movie Bob, he is a film critic on The Escapist where Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation) the game reviewer calls his online home. I highly recommend checking both of these out, the humor is Zero Punctuation is fantastic, and Movie Bob does a great job of reviewing movies while being honest about whether he feels they are worth a see or not.

Back to where I was…Fright Night.

I only vaguely remember the first one because I cannot currently find it (due to others snatching it up to reminisce as well I suppose) so I can’t spout the whole “un/faithful remake” thing or not. All I can say is that I had a good time while watching it. I grew being raised on silly 80’s/90’s horror flicks, and this harkened back to them in a great way. It was fun, it as campy, it still had imagery to shock you occasionally, which was an absolute blast.

Sure there were moments where scenes were a bit slow, but they weren’t enough to ruin the movie. Also….as a confession, I found out about this movie when it was first announced for one reason and one reason only. David Tennant. I don’t know why I was looking up info on him at the time, but found it I did and I was eagerly awaiting it ever since. He plays an over the top Cris Angel like character who claims to be a vampire hunter.  In the first half off the movie he’s rarely if ever present, but plays a bigger role in the later half. He’s pretty much my favorite.

Colin Farrell, whom I tend to enjoy for the random movies he shows up in, also did a fair job as the vampire Jerry. Yea…Jerry. And yea, they make fun of it too.

This movie doesn’t take itself seriously, and that’s why its a winner if you ask me. If they were trying to be serious it would have been a bust. Then again the trailers were confusing, or so the significant other says. I told him it was supposed to be humorous but he thought it was supposed to be legitimately scary from the trailers portrayal.  He had no idea what to expect, but he lived through it and didn’t hate it, which is saying a lot. ^_^

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a relaxing break from everything and go see something fun and silly to make yourself feel better.

Then again if you don’t like horror movies or humor, don’t go see it, I don’t imagine it would do much for you.



Random side note: Does anyone love the Old Spice Guy, and the Most Interesting Man In the World commercials as I do? Seriously, their writers are brilliant.


Next Time (Potentially): Super Stardust HD aka why I am addicted to the simplest of things.


Oh Nicolas

I love Nicolas Cage. His movies are the right mix of camp and awesome for me. Did you ever see Drive Angry? Probably one of my favorite movies of his.

Well it looks as though the Ghost Rider 2 trailer is out….I wont say much, it speaks for itself.


(Thank goodness Nick stopped taking himself seriously in movies, it’s much better this way)

Review-The Discovery of Socket Greeny

I am an avid user of Goodreads, and as such I find a slew of new books to oogle. One of the books I was interested in checking out was Tony Bertauski’s The Discovery of Socket Greeny.

Luckily, through a stroke of luck, Bertauski contacted me and asked if I might like a chance to read his work early in exchange for a review on the site. Seeing as I am a sucker for a)books, b) free things, and c) getting things early, I was all over it.

Let’s start off with the skepticism. While I was interested in reading this book, I was worried that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Happily I can say that this is not the case.

The world takes place in a potential and very possible future in which our world is more technologically advanced. People go in “Virtualmode” rather than the internet, and I must say I’m a bit jealous.

The plot revolves around Socket, who is a typical high school kid whose father passed away when he was young and mother took it too hard, virtually leaving him on his own. An incident at school awakens abilities he never knew he had, which cause him to be whisked away by him mother to the Paladin Nation.

The Paladin Nation are your standard Men In Black scenario where a secret governmental society is protecting the human race from things it isn’t even sure exists. Socket’s parents were part of this nation and it appears Socket has advanced Paladin powers.

From here, Socket faces emotional hurdles from various parts of his life. In all, I found Socket to be a fun and believable character because no 16 year old is going to be grateful for everything, nor act rationally and sane all the time.
(MILD SPOILER: He can hear other people’s thoughts and even look into their minds. In more than one instance he invades someone’s mind against their will, which is obviously a no-no, but being an impulsive teen-ager, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it until later his mother reprimands him. Something that is realistic and nice to see in characters, where honor and nobility is instilled in the character through their beliefs as well as experiences.)

This book doesn’t feel like it’s sucked you in until you try to put it down to go do something else. I finished this book rather than finish unpacking my kitchen in the same day.  It was an easy and fun read perfect for the Summer if you ask me.

I am definitely looking forward to his follow up books in this series. Or in any other.

Dystopian Escape

Dystopia- A dystopia is the idea of a society in a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian.

I believe I have briefly mentioned a few Dystopian books in limited reviews before, I wanted to briefly review a few dystopian series because I have been reading them a lot lately. Not intentionally, but it’s been happening quite a bit. Dystopian books have a sick appeal to the masses. We enjoy seeing what our society has (d)evolved into, and breathe a little easier that our lives aren’t that tough. Or, like me, you have a mild freak out about whether we are actually throwing ourselves head first in this direction. Tantalizing, thrilling, and oh so terrifying. I think more people should read them, give themselves a nice dose of humility and “Hey hows about we don’t wreck our planet or destroy ourselves k?”

            I have mentioned The Hunger Games (you can view trailers for the books here) by Suzanne Collins and devoted an entire post to it, although I’m sure it was more of a fangirl gush-fest than a legitimate review. I still highly recommend checking them out, especially now since the movie is currently being filmed.

                A brief synopsis for those who aren’t in the know, Panem is a world set in our not too terribly distant future. Things went down and North America was torn in to separate districts and the Capital. The 13 districts rebelled, the Capital destroyed the 13th district and in ‘reperations’ for the rebellion, the Capital demands 2 tributes, one male and one female, between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a fight to the death between the tributes, the winner of which is heralded and rewarded for the rest of their lives. The first book covers Katniss’s fight for her life in the arena.

The second book covers a return to the arena (I don’t want to say too much so I don’t ruin anything!)

The third book follows a rebellion incited by the districts against the Capital and their effort to overthrow a corrupt political system.

While these books are categorized as young adult, I think that anyone over the age of 15 would enjoy them. I’m sure younger will read them, but I think they might be better placed and enjoyed in the older crowds of teens and adults.

Another YA book with a dystopian setting is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield in which at the age of 16, everyone undergoes an operation to become “Pretty”. This series reads much more young adult than The Hunger Games does. The series follows Tally Youngblood, on the verge of becoming pretty. She follows a friend off to a camp full of “Uglies” under the guise of wanting to one of them, when really she is infiltrating them so that she can become Pretty, something the doctor wont let her do unless she turns them in. But along the way she discovers there is something wrong with becoming Pretty.

The second book follows Tally as she is pretty and trying to discover the world around her and what is wrong with it. From this point the series follows Tally’s adventures to try to bring down the Authorities.

As is, the series follows the Dystopia formula closely, but was none the less an interesting read. The world was imaginative and full of enough high tech gadgets to make me jealous. Tally can be annoying at times, but no where near the epic levels of horridness as those of Bella Swan. (Why people loved her in Twilight is a mystery).

While I am on the YA kick, I might as well mention Wither by Lauren DeStefano. The concept was what drew me to this book. In this proposed future, the world is dying. Supposedly the only continent left is North America. In an effort to keep people healthy, society opted to under special fertilization that bore them healthy, long lived children. The draw back was that when these healthy first gens started having children of their own, they didn’t realize they condemned them to an early death.  Their children started dying, males at 25, and females at 20.

Girls are kidnapped off the street and sold to wealthy men to act as their wives and produce children. Rhine Ellery becomes victim of such a trap and is sold with two other girls to a wealthy man’s son to replace his ailing wife.

The father, part of the first gen, seeks to find a cure for his son, stopping at nothing to try to find it, keeping the girls prisoner and lying to his son.

There are a lot of things that are scientifically askew about this book sure, like the fact that everyone decided to participate in this cure? Right. A group of people that big can’t agree on anything. Then again, there are two more books planned for this series, so we’ll see where it goes.

In all, the concept was interesting and the writing was much better than other YA novels.

Something not in the YA genre that can arguably be dystopian or not is The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. You might know it better as Legend of the Seeker, the series which is (at times loosely) based on the first novel in the series. I need to finish the show, ugh, I’ve been meaning to really.

While this series doesn’t seem dystopian at first, it takes getting several books in before it arrives. A gian invading army wishing to eradicate all magic in order to bring about “A New World Order”, crazy psychotic magicians and wizards, and visits from the underworld.

Richard and Kahlan do not manage to annoy the socks off you, in fact I genuinely like them. I do get flustered with Goodkind occasionally as he seems to forget things sometimes. Nothing tragic, but a few times he brings things up that seem like they should play a major part in the future and they never do. This could be him forgetting or just abandoning them  because he came up with something better.

These are not for the uncommitted. The smallest book in this series is around 500 pages long. At times there can be lulls, but all in all the series paid off. Well…it did. Apparently it is no longer over. I just discovered that there is a 12th book in the series coming out in roughly a week. I missed this because I wasn’t looking. See what I get for listening when an author says the last book is out? No matter, I am all over it when it comes out.


If you are looking for something different to read, perhaps one of these will tickle your curiosity! Likewise, if you have suggestions, please share!

Practical, Organised, Useful

For those of you whom believe that your sign (zodiac) actually gives an indication as to your personality, I am a Gemini, and apparently I fit the bill pretty well.

I bring this up because I am at polar opposites with myself. My room is a complete and utter wreck, yet my closet is in order by color (lightest to darkest thank you, none of that ROY G BIV bull shit). I tear into food but have to eat certain foods in certain fashions(…don’t ask, even I don’t get it). I always always have a school planner with important dates/tests/assignments written in it, and never look at the damn thing. I almost always put the milk/jelly on TOP of the refrigerator and the cereal/peanut butter IN the fridge, although I am sure that has more to do with be being an absent minded weirdo than odd organizational skills. (No lie, my boyfriend and parents check after me when I’ve had cereal or pb&j to make sure things are in the proper place>_<).

My cds, movies, books, and video games are all in alphabetical order, not this weird “what I listen to/watch/read/play the most” crap that many many of my male friends try to feed me.

They go in ALPHABETICAL ORDER dammit. That is how I find things. If it “gets lost” I can hazard a guess as to which area of the shelf to search in order to find it. Does this mean that the book/movie/game is more likely to be on it’s proper shelf than say oh…the freezer or under the bathroom sink? No. But if it IS on the shelf then it is where I can readily find it.

My boyfriend laughs at my alphabetizing system. I glare at him.

So, if you are like me, then you like them in order. Also, you probably loan things out, move, shuffle about and randomly loose them. Where did that movie go? Hell if I know? Ugh.

So I decided, since I am in some dire need of organization at the moment, so develop my own spreadsheet of my movies.

This is not a new idea at all. I know many a person that does this in some form or another.  I used to hand write down all my movies into an address book since then come pre-divided by letter.

But then I lost the address book. And then I lost several movies.

I still have no clue where any of those missing items are. >_<

Since I am in the middle of a move, I unfortunately do not have my shelf in front of my to copy easily. I’ve been trying to remember everything I own, which has actually been a very fun mental exersize (stop looking at me as though I am weird…)
I have everything in alphabetical order. I made sections indicating whether it is on a dvd or blu-ray. I have even indicated in a separate column whether it is missing or loaned to someone (name included thank you very much). In a separate page/tab (whatever you call it) I have a similar thing going on for the tv series I happen to own on dvd. In another I have a list of movies I would like to own but keep forgetting to look for.

It sounds tedious I know, but if you are lucky enough to have your shelf handy, it’s a breeze. Also very cathartic in a weird sort of way. As a lovely bonus it is easily searchable!!! No frickin guessing games!

It is also a lovely way to rediscover things you haven’t watched in a while/have forgotten about, and gives you fun insight to yourself from a perspective you normally do not take into account.

My shelf for example is a distinct amalgamation of myself. I have childhood memories, thought provoking debate starters, funny simple movies that I watch while I sew/type papers, and movies I only watch during specific holidays/seasons to get in the right mood. Oh…and lots and lots of zombie movies. Lots.

Now I am not suggesting that every time I want to watch something I am going to race to my computer and load up the file. Far from it. However, when I get a new movie, or see something interesting I would one day like to own, it is going in the list. Or if I fear I have yet again lost something.

I am very seriously considering doing the same thing for my ps3 games. I have no need for it with my PC games since I use Steam for almost every single one. While my ps3 library is considerably smaller than my movie library, I frequently lent out my games to my boyfriend’s seventeen year old twin brothers and my mother. I trust them all of course, but I am quite likely to forget who has what.

That is my insanity for the moment. Off to go read now as an author sent me an advance copy of his book so I can read and review it. That will be coming up soon!

Until then,

peace, love & brains!


p.s. bear with me as I go through several different blog layouts over the next several days! I feel like it’s time for a change and I suck at photoshop so I can’t make anything for myself >_<.


Wanted to bring an update your way.

Pottermore has been experiencing issues with some of their servers sending out emails. The day that I originally completed registration was one of their worst days, and I still haven’t received an email for it.

Instead I completed registration during the last day’s challenge and my email arrived shortly after. People commented “Oh but you’ll have two accounts then!” In response, I say, honestly, I am pretty sure that email is never coming. There servers were so flooded and full of issues that I am sure many an email was lost to the internet abyss.

It happens, so I signed up again. No bigs. If it does happen to come, then it goes to my Mom who wants in as well.


Now for the confusing bit. A few of my friends got in as well and want to know why they do not actually have site access. All we basically did was sign up to get early access. There will be “Welcome emails” sent out that actually let you into the site. These will be dispersed at random to those of us who participated at random intervals so that the site is not flooded all at once.

No, there is no indication as to when it is these emails will be trekking across the intertubes and into your inbox.

Fear not, it will open for Beta access before October, just no idea how long before then ^_^.


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