I had an entire rant/legit argument to post about people who cannot handle it when other people do not agree with something they like. It was build around why I personally think Twilight sucks and I had a full argument with examples.

I decided to be a big girl and not bother because 1)the party it is directed at will never read it 2)I don’t care enough about Twilight and its Twitards to dedicate a whole post to them.


What I am curious about it what you like to see/would like to see in a zombie story. I have had a story brewing for years at this point, which constantly changes due to exposure to more material/ideas and lack of writing it down somewhere. I like new things in zombie works, I mean I love my zombies, but reading the same thing every time becomes very old.

I want a more nerdcentric story…as in why nerds are the (un)likely heroes of the Zombie Apocalypse based on their knowledge gained from games/comics/videos/etc but I’m not sure if that is lame and contrived at this point.

What would YOU like to see that Z stories don’t use or cover? (Or if they do something in particular that you DO love).

Please share! Consider it research that has nothing to do with my graduate work ^_^.


Feed- A Review

In case you were wondering, no I am not abandoning my future post devoted to mythology in books/games/movies, I am still compiling thoughts and waiting for contributions (you can email yours to voldenae at hotmail).

I wanted to turn my attention first to Feed by Mira Grant. You can visit her site here. Mira Grant also happens to be Seanan Mcguire, whose October Daye series with which I happen to be unhealthily addicted.

Feed isn’t your typical Zombie novel, for which I am glad. As a zombie enthusiast, I read an awful lot of Zombie related material and certain plot lines/events/motifs/etc are used repeatedly and while I love it, it does get a bit exhuasting unless I read a multitude of other things as palate cleansers.

The first large difference, and one I very much enjoy is that Feed happens to take place 20 years after the outbreak of the Kellis-Amberlee virus that reanimates the dead and makes them feed on the living. Also, rather than reputable news, bloggers have become the reliable source of information. Bring in the main characters, siblings Georgia and Shaun Mason, their partner Buffy, and future partner Rick.

George (as Shaun calls her) and Shaun are entertaining characters. As typical siblings, they share interests, they have completely different interests, act completely different, fight, and back each other up without hesitation. In a zombie infested world I would like to think you can argue with your sibling while covering their back in a fight, and George and Shaun have this down. They don’t fight to a point of frustration however, and I loved this as well. I get sibling tension, I just want it there without being beaten over the head with it.

So yes, character design, I’d say pretty brilliant in some cases, while just entertaining in others, which I come to expect from Mira/Seanan.

I did not expect to fall in love with the plot. I have political opinions, but honestly I try to stay away from politics all together. I don’t enjoy reading about them. I stifled a groan when the siblings receive an email confirming that they have been selected to follow the political campaign of Senator Peter Ryman by touring with him and reporting on the events. This may make you roll your eyes as well, however Grant did a wonderful job in portraying the campaign and keeping bits interesting while not getting to wrapped up in it that it diverges from the plot. Obviously something hinky is going on with the campaign that our protagonists have to deal with, I wont say what as it is a part of the over all plot and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone intending to read the book.

Plot wise, it was not disappointing, things get really deep really fast even though you aren’t even aware of it at the time.

There are still fights with zombies, and the validation that Romero movies are in fact a great starter for zombie survival basics.

Grant put a ridiculous amount of research into certain parts of this book that most people might not even appreciate, so the tech talk, political details, and continuity of the book are enjoyable.

Grant also has the ability to make you laugh one minute and then nearly cry the next. I actually listened to the audiobook while driving which was a little stressful at certain points. Nothing like being in the middle of a zombie attack while being in high traffic. O_o

The next book in the series is Deadline, and yes I have already acquired my copy and will start it soon. I don’t feel like I’ve said much to do it justice but I really don’t want to spoil it in case someone decides to pick it up…It really was brilliant though, and definitely worth a look into!

I’m off to go read more…after I get my kindle updated…

A bit of Randoms

So have you heard about the Vancouver Riot? And the kiss that launched a sensation?

You can get the story here, but regardless of whether this kiss was just to settle the nerves of the girl or not, this is probably one of the most gorgeous photographs I have seen. Just thought I would share in case this rare beautiful moment happened to pass you by.


Also, in riot like news…I’ve been packing/cleaning/throwing things out of my apartment. It’s tough work and I feel like the more I accomplish the more I have to do…ugh. I also didn’t get rid of near as much as I had hoped, but I’m going to go back through my clothes and try to find more to donate.

Mum and I are going to see Alegria tonight, I’m excited, apparently we have better seats for this than we did for Katy Perry and we had some awesome seats for her. I still need to edit those photos but let’s face it, that wont happen until after the move ^_^.

Oh, for one of my upcoming posts I would like to cover the mythology behind movies/books/games/etc. Some really delve into mythology, and some make up their own, and some do it well while others flounder. If you would like to write a small bit to contribute about some of your own favorite experience with media and mythos, feel free, I may do multiple installments to talk about some of my favorites (as well as some epic fails).

Until next time!

(I promised more zombies)


So I could again apologize for my absence, so I get down to actually writing instead of being annoying. Well ok the annoying bit isn’t going to go away, its kind of who I am.

However, I do have a good reason this time (aside from laziness) because I am (slowly but surely) packing up my apartment to move 6-7 hours away. I am less traumatized by the idea of a move so far from home now, I’m just upset because my mom is upset. Granted I am in my mid-twenties, but she is spoiled by having me around a considerable amount (I live 50 minutes from home) so it’s stressing since I am close to my parents.

Granted it was bound to happen sooner or later. It’ll be ok. With the ridiculous amounts of tech I own I’ll still talk to her all the time, which helps assuage her fears that the hillbillies hiding in the high mountains of West Virginia are going to steal and eat me and she’ll never hear from me again. MY fears of this haven’t lessened but hers have so it’s ok.

Quick bit of business.
When I started this blog I fully intended for it to be a more review and reference style blog with bits of myself and my life tossed in at random, but it seems when work picks up I fall by the wayside with my goal. As a two time college graduate and current grad student, this is clearly bound to happen.
And while I am as much an attention whore as the next blogger, I have no delusions that I am interesting enough on my own for people to just read willy nilly.
So my question is, what would you like to see more of?

Also, IF (a BIIIIIIIIIG If) I can manage to have enough forethought to suggest a topic for my next post would you be interested in submitting suggestions/mini-reviews/insight/etc?

I would definitely be interested in getting some interaction from people out there.

Ok so that business concluded (can you tell I just figured out how to make polls? ^_^) I have a funny (to me) story.
I have part of this blog set aside as a platform for people to access and buy plushies from me. I have a little widgit box to My Etsy Account (currently in vacation mode due to the move so any commissions require you to message me personally right now) on the sidebar so that people can get to it quickly. In my experience, most people don’t like having to actually search for things, so I am ok with making it easier on them. At any rate, I specialize in handmade nerdy plushies. Almost all of the patterns have been made by me, and I try not to sell something that the official license holder is currently making. For example, I have made a companion cube, but I really don’t sell them because Valve makes them as well. I’ve done trades for them, and birthday presents, but I try not to step on toes. I can’t afford the legal recourse.

However, IF the item is not being made, like Brain Slugs, I sell them.

Until now that is.

I received a message through etsy from Fox asking me to cease selling them because Brain Slugs are their intellectual property. I have no qualms with this, they did create Futurama and Brain Slugs, but currently Comedy Central is the one airing the new episodes of Futurama and they make no brain slugs, there fore I am not taking away from their revenue.
They did ask me to remove them from etsy so I did, no harm no foul, I’d rather comply politely than get in trouble.

I’m a student, I make plushies to attempt to make a meager living, not to cause issues with corporations that make more money in one year than I will see in a life time.

That being said, I can still make them all day every day as long as there is no “profit”. Meh. Presents and trades still work.

I want to return to movie/book reviews soon, until then, for fun Summer flicks I recommend Drive Angry (on dvd), Pirates IV (way better than the 2nd and 3rd), or catching up on Supernatural, or even watching the newest BBC Sherlock Holmes which is incidentally AMAZING and I cannot wait for season 2. Or, if you are lucky enough to have HBO, dive in to True Blood, which is stunning and I almost love it more than the books, which is saying something. (I also need to catch up on Doctor Who >_<)

As for books, I continuing last Summer’s reading choices by working my way through all the Christopher Moore novels that I haven’t yet read. He’s hilarious, sarcastic, and ridiculously wonderful enough for Summer reading. Also, I intend to catch up on the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, as well as work through a few of her other series (that woman is a writing machine!)

As for games, Steam has been letting some pretty amazing sales fly in celebration of Summer, seriously amazing deals if you are interested. Also I have been eating up Alice: Madness Returns which has been amazing (a full review is coming of that I assure you). Suffice to say that American McGee and Spicy Horse certainly out did themselves. And, because they are such nice people, they have released the first game, American McGee’s Alice for free if you purchased Madness Returns, and for $9.99 (I believe, it could be cheaper) download if you didn’t, with achievements for both if you are in fact an achievement whore (you may laugh but I live with one and it can become dangerous…lol).

If you survived this ridiculously long post, then I thank you for your continued support and will try to reward you with pretty picture filled posted soon. Potentially of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegría because my Mom and I are going to see it Thursday!! ^_^

What are your summer movies and books? I’m always looking for more! (incidentally if you have a Suncoast near you they are having a crazy movie sale, go before it ends!)

Until next time internet world ^_^


to follow tomorrow when I am less dog tired from the weekend and being in a car for most of the day today. >_<

We all had a blast, money was raised for charity, we won some awesome stuff…but like I said…more on that when I have a higher sanity ratio. Although it was decided that if you photoshopped everything else out, we look like a bunch of zombies…how appropriate ^_^.


More later!

Girl Revenge Movie Fest

So it was absolutely accidental that I had what I like to call The Girl Revenge Movie Fest this weekend. In a previous entry I remarked on how I wanted to watch I Spit On Your Grave since it had been remade and I was curious.  I didn’t watch the original until Friday because my Dad wanted to see it.  After finishing the movie I immediately watched the remake. While I know there are some absolute die hard fans of the original, I absolutely loved the remake. In both you have the brutalized writer seeking revenge for some pretty heinous acts enacted upon her by some less than friendly blokes. I expected more gore from the second, and while the acts done to her, and later by her and more gruesome, there isn’t much gore per se.  Either way, I enjoyed them. It made me feel good in a very twisted sense that a victim FINALLY shut their face and decided to buck up. I know the events are highly unrealistic, but as a female, it grates my nerves to NO END when the female is helpless and can’t defend herself. While in these movies, the lady unfortunately learns a little to late, she does learn and gets a little creative revenge.

If you are a guy and watch this, 1) I’m sorry, prepare to cringe….a lot, 2) I am going to assume you are a fine upstanding gentleman and would never do things like these to earn this kind of punishment.

It was crazy, wrong, fun, and I loved it.  Yes oh yes I did.

The other half of this Girl Revenge Movie Fest, and the main attraction of this entry, is Sucker Punch

I had no expectations going in to this movie. I wasn’t even going to see it in theaters. I cared not one bit. Probably because class has had me so busy with papers that I have been trying desperately to avoid getting in to things that I might get attached to. However, my Mom really wanted to go see it, and I wasn’t doing anything, so I was in no mood to argue.

I was blown away. I’m not going to suggest that this is the best movie ever, or that it’s incredibly deep and life altering. It isn’t, nor was it ever intended to be. It was fun, creative, shocking, and randomly thought provoking in places. The graphics were GORGEOUS (I actually read a review someone wrote that said they were shitty….were they watching the movie?) and the costumes were fun. Obviously I am not a girl that gets pissy over girls in cute outfits and accusing the director of sexism, but after looking up reviews, it didn’t seem like other people were taking that boat either, for which I was glad since I didn’t think it came across as secretly anti-female.

Now, critics HATED this movie with a fiery passion. Hated. I was afraid of this movie. But I loved it and critics need to seriously consider the audience this was intended for when they watch new movies. I understand that a movie is supposed to be able to appeal to anyone and everyone, but some movies are clearly for selected audiences. If you are a gamer, a nerd, a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, then this movie will more than likely be up your alley.  If not…then this movie is more than likely not for you and in that case don’t waste your money. Seems like a smart idea to me. I read reviews in which people left the theater…left. Now, I know that as a broke and in debt college girl I am against wasting money, so if I pay for a movie I will sure as hell watch the whole thing. I know others don’t have this mentality. But seriously why bother going to see something if you are just going to leave…ugh.

Cute girls, awesome cg, nazi-zombies, giant samurai, gravity defying stunts and costumes, a kick-ass soundtrack, mechs, dragons and apocalypse proof make-up, what is there not to like?

Ok well in my case what’s not to like? ^_^

If you think it’s your thing, then I say absolutely GO SEE IT. If you suspect that it isn’t, then you may be right and unless you are feeling adventurous, then leave it be. As much as I love this movie, I’d rather people who are going to enjoy it watch it rather than other people suffer through it and give it a bad wrap.

I think I might go see it again tomorrow…..

I has brain!!

Ok so the title may not be the best indication of what it was actually trying to portray.  In any case though, I just took the GRE this past Friday, and spent the entire week before hand so stressed about it that I was actually convinced I would fail.  Thankfully I was smarter than I gave myself credit for, and my friends all told me I was fine (which I didn’t believe at the time) but I scored above the minimum requirement needed for the particular program I am applying for.

Also, with a little less ripping out of the hair, I should feel comfortable with my Letter of Intent soon so that I can actually submit the application.  Fingers crossed.  *crosses fingers*

On a fun note, I jokingly joined a contest held by the Nerd Girl Pinups facebook page in conjunction with a comic artist.  The contest was for the best Zombie name you could come up with, my entry being “Abra Cadaver”.  I tied first place, but luckily myself and four others with the most votes win, so we all get copies of the sketchbook for the comic.  Free Zombie comic sketchbook art FTW.

I may also have a photographer lined up soon, *crosses fingers…again*

The point of this post in 3…2…1….

The Princess Bride

I, like many others of my generation, have no idea how many times I have seen this movie.  It’s safe to say that its a ridiculous amount though.  The problem is, once I got into high school and college I stopped watching it because I was busy being involved with non-princess bride things.  Well, the local Best Buy likes to put older movies on sale at random.  Over Halloween I bought Hocus Pocus for $6 and I was ecstatic.  On a whim, while purchasing printer ink (since my printer conveniently ran out half-way through the print job >_<) I chanced to look at the cheap dvds of the week.  I saw The Princess Bride on blu-ray for $12.  I felt that was a great price but felt no need to own it on blu-ray.  I feel this way about a lot of older movies.  As I turned to walk away I glanced down and saw the dvd for $5  and let out a slightly girlie shriek and grabbed it immediately.  I thought I was totally smooth until the girl at the check out counter told me she did the same thing and I was embarrassed any one bore witness to my shriek.  Its ok though.  We gushed over it, I went home, and didn’t get a chance to watch it until after my GRE.

When  re-watched this movie for the first time in years it was like magic all over again.  I have the collectors edition so I watched fun special features and almost cried in nostalgic happiness.  This movie will never not be amazing to me and many many others, and it is well deserved.  I had almost forgotten why I loved this movie so much, but I will never doubt again.  Talk about a best buy.  I’m almost tempted to watch it again.  Not that the boyfriend would mind because he was actually sad I watched it without him Friday.

If you haven’t seen it in a while, or ever, and are looking for a lovely nostaligic joy, or new love, I highly recommend watching this movie, you wont regret it, ever.

Screw it, I am totally watching it again.



That is the sound that my brain is making.  Why you ask?  Because I finished several commissions that I had and have spent the past two days trying to contact the people who ordered them to no avail.  Well…some avail.  Etsy decided to get all complex on me and shuffle things about so that I almost had no idea what to do about one person’s order while trying to reserve list another person’s order.  It was all just a bit more ridiculous than it actually needed to be.

I’m close to pulling my hair out now however.  I have an odd honor system about my orders.  I try not to accept money for anything until I have completed the order, and I try to ship the item out as fast as I can one I receive the payment.  I feel like a customer really deserves nothing less, and I am really uncomfortable with taking money for something that does not yet exist.  I understand that is just a twitch of mine.  It just bothers me and since I can operate around it, I do.

However I now have 4 orders ready to ship and only one person has responded and paid me so I can ship out her order tomorrow. >_<  I’m getting twitchy with all these people’s order scattered about on my desk…judging me.
In awesome news, whilst I was frantically corresponding back and forth with the girl whose order went all wonky, I updated some much needed mess.  I added a widget for my

Etsy Shop on to my Tumblr, which was exciting.  I learned (the hard way) that I cannot post a moving widget on my blog, I changed/added/fixed my frickin Gravatar image thingy that had been plaguing me for ages, and then I made a new banner that is considerably less crap-tastic for my etsy.

Voldenae's Plushies

Judge it if you like, it looks much better than the old banner I made and I’m proud of it.  If you are interested in browsing or purchasing anything from my shop, just click the banner or click the link I added to the section with my other websites.  I take commissions for items that might be sold out of my shop, and I also take suggestions and ideas for new things to try to make.

LittleBigPlanet 2

Getting back into the swing of trying to review some things (that aren’t tv shows >_<), I wanted to mention that I have been playing a lot of LittleBigPlanet 2 recently as it just came out last week.  As much as I loved LBP (and oh how I loved it), LBP 2 is so amazing that I feel no need to ever play LBP again. The first one was revolutionary in its own right and was pure amazing.  In the second one, Media Molecule has seriously outdone themselves.  I had no idea how they could possibly improve an already great game, but they seriously upped the ante on this one in a way that not many developers ever manage of their sequels (unless you’re Naughty Dog making Uncharted that is).  LittleBigPlanet 2 is unfiltered awesome.  UNFILTERED!!!!I haven’t finished the story mode yet, I am seriously trying to not rush through it since I sincerely believe that I would if I didn’t control myself.  I have been playing a lot of the community made levels though, and some of those have been quite amazing.  There are people who do not have lives that just build LBP levels and I bless their creative little hearts for it.

In a quick mention, I am currently reading Married With Zombies.
Ok to be fair I am reading a lot of things right now, all of which involve dead things, and that is including my textbooks for class.  Anyway, I am only a third of the way in and I’m finding it pretty enjoyable.

In general I love zombie books.  Mainly because I love zombies, and I love books.  Naturally the two combined should strike my fancy.  This is not always the case, which is just bully on them.  Jesse Petersen is a fun writer though, and that’s what I love about her.  Authors that take themselves too seriously and ruin any fun in reading a book that doesn’t have to be serious are just lame.  That’s right, lame.

I also feel that if you aren’t a good writer then you should be funny.  It’s true, it makes reading something less than stellar entertaining.  Luckily this is not the case with Petersen.  She’s funny without having to be a bad writer, which I find I appreciate.  The emerging genre of RomZomComs (Romantic Zombie Comedy) or ZomRomCom depending on who you are I suppose, is probably one of my favorite genres to read now.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with its sequel Dawn of the Dreadfuls did it well too,  this genre is just right up my alley.

By the way, all the links for these books go to Goodreads which is an awesome site where you can track what you’ve read and look up reviews by other readers about books you may be interested in.  It’s also spectacular for helping you find new books if you are looking for something new.  I highly recommend it, it’s free and super fast to sign up.

Have a lovely day/night/whatever time you are reading this, I’m going to go make sure I haven’t forgotten to update anything online while I’m on a roll.  Potential future posts about silly zombie apocalypse advice coming soon?  We’ll see what strikes my fancy.

Love and Brains Part II

In Love and Brains I wrote about a few of my choices for Valentine’s Day Horror movies.  As per usual I left out some other choices I would like to include, and inevitably I will again, so bare with me and read as I go.

I cannot believe that I didn’t remember to include this in part I.  For what ever reason I did, I’ll make up for it now by saying this is a great date movie.  I should no, because that’s how I saw it.  I will in fact be buying this movie when I get out of class on Tuesday, and probably watch it on VD.  This movie has pretty much everything I truly love in a Zombie movie; comedy, flesh eating undead, nerdy boys, cameos, and lots of destruction.  I don’t love it more than Shaun of the Dead, but it’s damn close.  So for those of you that love ZomRomCom (zombie romantic comedy) like me, then I’d recommend going for this choice.  I’ve heard tell that there is a Zombieland II in the works.  Not much is out about it yet and I can’t decide if I’m excited or not, because as much as I would love to see more of this, I’m worried they’ll ruin it as many sequels do.  Either way, go watch Zombieland, it’s fun.

Planet Terror
Not the best Zombie movie, but I enjoyed the Grindhouse duo immensely.  This movie was full of  random celebrities, gratuitous violence, hot girls, and of course, the undead/infected.  If you love campy movies, it’s a fun choice, although I always watch this and Death Proof together, it just feels right

Death Proof
The second in the Grindhouse duo.  I thought I would hate it, I really did, but I should have known better.  I love Quentin Tarantino, and he did not fail me here.  This movie was just a lot of fun and crazy car stunts and insanity.  I liked it.  If you’re in for a long night, then I recommmend the Grindhouse two.

Wristcutters: A Love Story
Not a zombie movie at all.  Hell not even horror, but it’s an offbeat cute indie-esque romantic comedy that would be perfect if you are in the mood for something strange but not horrifying.  It may be the most normal choice I could give you other than Amelie.  (and if you don’t know what Amelie is you are fired and I am never talking to you again.  It’s like saying you haven’t seen a George Romero flick.  Ok it isn’t, but it makes sense in my mind.)

This was a fun movie to me.  It has your typical twisted kidnapper and your resourceful teenage girl.  The kicker is her family.  They made the movie and it was fun to think of what your family would do if they were in the same situation.  I like to think my family would handle it similarly ^_^.  I’ll admit, it isn’t the best horror movie ever, but it is fun, and it would make a date snuggle up to you as you watch.

I’ll have some new movies under my belt soon, I as I have laid hands on Dead Girl, Guinea Pig, Evil Dead Trap, and Ab-normal Beauty.  I doubt any of these will make the recommended VD list, but they will probably join my choice of twisted movies I do so love.  If you know anything bout them let me know, as I’ve just gotten them and know basically nothing about them as of yet.

And also, just because I’m interested, what is you favorite flavor of horror movie???

Peave, love, and brains

Horror Books

So I am highly addicted to reading.  I blame my parents, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.  For an only child, books are a great way to stay entertained and out of trouble.
It also encourages a wildly vivid imagination I feel, but maybe that’s just me.

With said vivid imagination, I love more sci-fi/fantasy books, ranging from hilarous, to dramatic, to straight out terrifying.  Anything to gives that next literary rush.

For one, I just picked up this:

It’s an anthology containing some of my favorite authors (Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. Brite, Max Brooks, Stephen King) and I kinda can’t wait to dive into it, what little I’ve been able to read so far has been exciting, so I can’t wait

The Rising
This book was something else.  I am hard to scare any more, call it too many horror movies, my obsession with Zombies, whatever you like, but this book got me.  Brian Keene is an amazing man for this, so much so that I will probably read his other work now, even if it isn’t zombie related.
I literally had to put the book down occasionally to catch my breath and to congratulate myself on surviving the ordeal…seriously.
I’ve given it to other people to borrow, and they share my feelings.  If you want a thrill and you are brave, go read it.  Just beware, I think I had nightmares over it one night >_<.

City of the Dead
This is the follow up to The Rising, and Brian Keene keeps right on torturing you emotionally, it’s amazing.  I wasn’t sure an author could constantly put me through this much torment, but oh, oh yes, Mr. Keene can!

I haven’t read Dead Sea yet, I want it, and I’m not sure if it follows in the same world as The Rising and City of the Dead, but I am planning on reading it regardless, and will no doubt hate and love the experience.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
If you haven’t heard of these books by now, then you have well and truly been under a rock I think.  They isn’t scary at all, and if you hate Jane Austen then you’ll hate these books.  For me, I’m pretty sure I can never read a Jane Austen novel now without some type of monster in it.  I don’t mean this as a slight to Ms.Austen, in fact I mean it as a compliment as only a truly amazing author would be able to have many of her works transcribed so wonderfully into monster novels.  Excitingly, PPZ is also a soon to be movie.  I think it’ll be hilarious personally.

Let The Right One In
I know I talked briefly about this as a movie in my recommended horror Valentine’s day movies, Love and Brains (bwa ha ha I linked my own blog), but this really was an AMAZING book.  While I loved the movie, I loved the book more, and in an odd twist of fate, watching the movie, then reading the book, and then watching the movie again, made me love the movie more.  Mainly because it makes you under stand the characters and psychological depth on a more intimate level.  It was amazing.

If  you have any book suggestions that you think I might enjoy, or something you’d like to harass me over, then feel free to do so, I’m up for an recommendations.  Also, I’ve tried to keep what I want to say about each of these books as vague.  I am very likely to go back to each of these at a later day and devote to them each the time they are due, but I hate to ruin books for people, so if you see one that you would like me to talk more in depth about, then please feel free to yell at me, it’s cool.

Peace, Love, and Brains.

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