So I could again apologize for my absence, so I get down to actually writing instead of being annoying. Well ok the annoying bit isn’t going to go away, its kind of who I am.

However, I do have a good reason this time (aside from laziness) because I am (slowly but surely) packing up my apartment to move 6-7 hours away. I am less traumatized by the idea of a move so far from home now, I’m just upset because my mom is upset. Granted I am in my mid-twenties, but she is spoiled by having me around a considerable amount (I live 50 minutes from home) so it’s stressing since I am close to my parents.

Granted it was bound to happen sooner or later. It’ll be ok. With the ridiculous amounts of tech I own I’ll still talk to her all the time, which helps assuage her fears that the hillbillies hiding in the high mountains of West Virginia are going to steal and eat me and she’ll never hear from me again. MY fears of this haven’t lessened but hers have so it’s ok.

Quick bit of business.
When I started this blog I fully intended for it to be a more review and reference style blog with bits of myself and my life tossed in at random, but it seems when work picks up I fall by the wayside with my goal. As a two time college graduate and current grad student, this is clearly bound to happen.
And while I am as much an attention whore as the next blogger, I have no delusions that I am interesting enough on my own for people to just read willy nilly.
So my question is, what would you like to see more of?

Also, IF (a BIIIIIIIIIG If) I can manage to have enough forethought to suggest a topic for my next post would you be interested in submitting suggestions/mini-reviews/insight/etc?

I would definitely be interested in getting some interaction from people out there.

Ok so that business concluded (can you tell I just figured out how to make polls? ^_^) I have a funny (to me) story.
I have part of this blog set aside as a platform for people to access and buy plushies from me. I have a little widgit box to My Etsy Account (currently in vacation mode due to the move so any commissions require you to message me personally right now) on the sidebar so that people can get to it quickly. In my experience, most people don’t like having to actually search for things, so I am ok with making it easier on them. At any rate, I specialize in handmade nerdy plushies. Almost all of the patterns have been made by me, and I try not to sell something that the official license holder is currently making. For example, I have made a companion cube, but I really don’t sell them because Valve makes them as well. I’ve done trades for them, and birthday presents, but I try not to step on toes. I can’t afford the legal recourse.

However, IF the item is not being made, like Brain Slugs, I sell them.

Until now that is.

I received a message through etsy from Fox asking me to cease selling them because Brain Slugs are their intellectual property. I have no qualms with this, they did create Futurama and Brain Slugs, but currently Comedy Central is the one airing the new episodes of Futurama and they make no brain slugs, there fore I am not taking away from their revenue.
They did ask me to remove them from etsy so I did, no harm no foul, I’d rather comply politely than get in trouble.

I’m a student, I make plushies to attempt to make a meager living, not to cause issues with corporations that make more money in one year than I will see in a life time.

That being said, I can still make them all day every day as long as there is no “profit”. Meh. Presents and trades still work.

I want to return to movie/book reviews soon, until then, for fun Summer flicks I recommend Drive Angry (on dvd), Pirates IV (way better than the 2nd and 3rd), or catching up on Supernatural, or even watching the newest BBC Sherlock Holmes which is incidentally AMAZING and I cannot wait for season 2. Or, if you are lucky enough to have HBO, dive in to True Blood, which is stunning and I almost love it more than the books, which is saying something. (I also need to catch up on Doctor Who >_<)

As for books, I continuing last Summer’s reading choices by working my way through all the Christopher Moore novels that I haven’t yet read. He’s hilarious, sarcastic, and ridiculously wonderful enough for Summer reading. Also, I intend to catch up on the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, as well as work through a few of her other series (that woman is a writing machine!)

As for games, Steam has been letting some pretty amazing sales fly in celebration of Summer, seriously amazing deals if you are interested. Also I have been eating up Alice: Madness Returns which has been amazing (a full review is coming of that I assure you). Suffice to say that American McGee and Spicy Horse certainly out did themselves. And, because they are such nice people, they have released the first game, American McGee’s Alice for free if you purchased Madness Returns, and for $9.99 (I believe, it could be cheaper) download if you didn’t, with achievements for both if you are in fact an achievement whore (you may laugh but I live with one and it can become dangerous…lol).

If you survived this ridiculously long post, then I thank you for your continued support and will try to reward you with pretty picture filled posted soon. Potentially of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegría because my Mom and I are going to see it Thursday!! ^_^

What are your summer movies and books? I’m always looking for more! (incidentally if you have a Suncoast near you they are having a crazy movie sale, go before it ends!)

Until next time internet world ^_^


Irish Pride

Okay, first off, I clearly thought I made a post between the one about my brother visiting and this one…I swear I did and I swore it posted.  I was excited about Spring Break and how I had no plans and was terribly excited about that.
I remember because I made Spring Break in big colorful letters.
I have no idea what the rest of the post was about…but I remember making “Spring Break” colorful.

Ah well who knows?

In Nerdtastic news, there is going to be a Doctor Who mmo.  It will be free to play, and even though it will more than likely be odd and have nothing to do with the show, I can’t wait.  Yes…I will be playing.  Oh yes.

Also, today I finally got around to watching Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.  I’ll be honest, I was avoiding it because I loved the first movie so much that I knew I would be nothing but depressed with this one.  Let’s just say that it was definitely better than expected.  No I do not love it more than the first but I do indeed like it very much.

I thought there could be no replacement for Willem Dafoe (because the man is amazing) but Julie Benz was pretty frickin wonderful.  No lie, I loved her in it.  She had the right attitude while still being charming and was definitely a bad-ass.  The boys, Connor and Murphy were still wonderful and still manage to have fun and fight with each other while in the midst of potential life and death situations.  Rocko makes an appearance (in their dreams because yes he’s dead) and their new side kick is hilarious in his own right.  He tries so hard and instead of making me annoyed it made me warm to him.  To my delighted surprise, three of the same officers are in this movie and I love them even more because of this movie.

The action was still great and the humor was definitely still there.  Call backs to the first movie are made, which I appreciate.  Also, they still include scenes that depict the varying feelings of the public about the Saints, which I adored as well.  More of their Father’s story is revealed, which is lovely since I for one was wondering the entire damn first movie as to why he was in prison for 25 years.  This gives you an explanation and resolution which I found to be interesting even if I did want more from it.

I was not disappointed and it makes me want to re-watch the first one…again.  It may not be the epic work that the first one was, but it was more than adequate for fans, and for progressing plot and characters that people grew to love in the Cult Classic scale that they did.  No, not as great at the first one, but completely worth it still.  I tried to avoid major spoilers in case readers haven’t seen it.  However if, like me, you were hesitant to watch it in case you thought you would be disappointed, don’t be.  Watch it and laugh and enjoy yourself.

It was also perfect timing since St.Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  Now I am an Italian girl, from an Italian family.  Let me rephrase that.  I am a eastern-european, mediterranean mixed, american girl.  Italian runs strong in the family though and we look more Italian than anything and practice those particular traditions.  That being said, I am very aware and proud of my Irish heritage.  That being said, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday I love.  It comes on a Thursday this year, which it terribly convenient since I have no Friday classes.  Will I be getting smashed? No.  Will I indulge in a Guinness or two while wearing as much green as possible? Yes.  I will since bawdy and hugely inappropriate Irish diddies and belt out Flogging Molly.

I’m also hoping that some Luck of the Irish is with me since I just submitted my application to graduate school a few hours ago.  I’m nervous, but terribly excited and I have my fingers crossed that I get in.  If I do I will be on my way to getting a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science.  I’m so excited about the projected curriculum and I will be pretty devastated if I don’t get in.  I will also reapply for the next viable semester if I don’t.  I feel that eventually they will get the picture and just let me in.


Brief Horror Rant/Update:
I watched The Crazies as well today, a remake of a 1970s flick, but I heard this remake was better than the original.  It was interesting and I didn’t hate it but I also don’t find it so remarkable as to add to my must have horror list.  Another remake that isn’t on my list but I have found myself owning a copy is My Bloody Valentine.  I found it for $3 and decided to go for it and was saddened.  I knew it wouldn’t be great but I hate when  figure out non-mystery based movies before the first third of the movie.  Ugh.  I do love Jensen Ackles though so I’ll let it slide because he’s so pretty and epic in Supernatural.  Then again that show is oddly filled with hot men and monsters so what’s not to love?

Hopefully the upcoming week wont be too busy despite all the paper writing I have to do.   I plan on reviewing I Spit On Your Grave as I have acquired a copy of it.  Well, acquired a copy of the newer one.  The original was made in the 1970s and I want to watch it but people said it was better so I want to watch this one first. Also, I have not gotten my hands on a copy of the original, so there.  I acknowledge there is an original and I will get to it I swear.

Also, apparently (yes apparently to everyone’s knowledge except my own) David Tennant is in the new Fright Night remake which made that movie a “must see” on my list.

Alright Alright I have jabbered enough, off to bed with a book  (Neverwhere) for me.

British Tele

So several friends and myself have long ago noticed the fact that British television often plays some pretty epic shows that while those of us in the U.S might be able to see, we cannot necessarily replicate (nor should we).

A few of examples would be Doctor Who (which I rave on and on about lately I know, but with reason), Skins, and Being Human.

Doctor Who

I wont rant more on Doctor Who since I’ve written a lot about it lately.  Suffice to say that DW is an amazing show and there would never be any need for this show to undergo replication by a different company.  Ever.  It has proven this as it has a large North American fan base that support it and there have been no nasty rumors about an American remake. Such is not the case of other shows.


Skins is another British show that I have started watching recently.  The show centers around a group of friends in their Sixth form, and the cast changes out every two years as the students graduate and move on.  I haven’t seen much past the first season yet, but for watching it on a whim, I think that while the show was no where near what I expected, it’s hilarious and enlightening.  In a refreshing fashion, british television does not fear race, gender, or sexual orientation questions.  The show may be geared for a crowd in high school or early college, but I’m entertained by it.  Some times things get super wild, or crazy parties out break, but the overall message of the show is a lot more touching than most television now days.  Now, I have mixed feelings on this, but Mtv is doing an American version of this show which I can’t decide if I’m excited about or not.  The show is good enough in itself that I don’t think merits a remake.  Also I don’t think it will be a good, and seeing an American tv is often not as liberal as british television, I feel like part of the intent and tone of the show will be lost in a sea of partying and drug use.  Then again, I could be wrong.

Being Human

Being Human is a show I found out about after I was watching True Blood for a while.  I haven’t seen too much of it, but I am enjoying it so far.  This is another show that is now getting remade for the American audience, which I also feel is unnecessary.

My opinion may be based on the fact that I happen to watch a lot of foreign films as well as tv shows that aren’t American so I happen to feel like many things should be appreciated as they are (cough cough The Ring, Let The Right One In).  I am also unwilling to believe that the American audience is so dull and dumb that it can’t appreciate something from a foreign country that hasn’t been re-vamped to include all the little American nuances, but I may be wrong on that as well, lol.

Seriously, American tv has some amazing shows, but so does British tele and I think that I’ll just watch the good original versions of the shows, kthxbai

(resuming non-rantiness soon, promise)

TV Shows Worth A Nerd Girls Time

As a busy undergrad obtaining her second degree I don’t watch a lot of television.  At least not when it airs.  I catch up on things I miss when I get the chance via avenues such as Hulu.com or being naughty and torrenting them until I can ask for a season for a gift.

When I DO have time however, I feel like watching shows that are going to be worth it.  As such, occasionally I watch really insane things that I love, and sometimes I’m terribly picky.

That being said, I think my tastes harken to fellow nerds.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

As was given by my last post, I am indeed a Doctor Who fan.  It may have take me a while to jump on the wagon for it, but I chose a wonderful time since I actually had the time to watch enough of it to satisfy me.  Yes I chose David Tennant on purpose for the picture.  Doctor Who satisfies my need for science fiction, time travel, and awesomeness.  If you haven’t watching Doctor Who…you should, it was lame of me to have waited so long to watch this amazing show.  I need to get access to the original series and then I’ll be set.  Also, Doctor Who is yet another example in my firm belief that the majority of British television is better than U.S. television.


The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

I’m pretty much in love with this show.  Silliness, physics, and awkward nerd moments make it one of my current favorite shows.  While not all of the episodes are pure gold, its rare to find one that isn’t worth the half hour.  Also, due to recent experience I find that it has nice re-watch value if you are working on something simultaneously….such as I am right now ^_^.




Scrubs is one of my absolute favorite shows…ever.  While a few of the later season have been less glorious than the prior due to the writers strike and impending cancellations that never happened, this show kept me sane while I was getting my first degree.  I have not, and more than likely will not, watch after Season 8, when they started “Scrubs Med School”, but the ending of Season 8 made me cry like a little little girl with sadness and joy.  Seriously, watching the entire series and then the finale made it worth it.  Also, the re-watch value in my opinion is stellar since I have watched the show more times than my credibility would like to admit.  Scrubs is pretty much my go to pick-me-up and I love it.




Dexter is one of those shows that you wont know how much you love it until you watch it.  Some people scoff at the idea of watching a show based around a Serial Killer who is a the good guy, but it is definitely worth it.  I haven’t seen the latest season unfortunately but I’ve loved all of the previous seasons and it definitely works for the inner nerd (and potentially the inner psycho…)




Bones is one of the shows that reaffirms my decision to stay in the field of science.  It even deepened my love for Anthropology enough to make me decide to get a second undergrad in the field.  Beyond that, I just love all of the characters and the storylines keep me engaged without getting bored if I watch more than one in a row.   This show has made me want to cry and made me laugh hysterically.  Also they are all so very very pretty.



This is a show that I adore madly as it continually throws monsters and mythology at me.  The show is centered around the lovely gorgeous Wincester brothers, Dean and Sam and their continual task in trying to save the world from all the creepy nasty baddies out there.  It makes me want to tote around shotguns filled with rock salt in my trunk.  I mean hey, you never know when an angry ghost is going to show up right?




I used to be a big CSI fan but after the first few seasons I was done with it.  I know that not all shows can maintain wonderful story lines and characters, and not all forensic shows use accurate methods, but good lord the inaccurate scientific methods killed me and after a few characters I liked left I was done with it.  On the other hand, I love NCIS.  I may not always be in the mood to watch more than one episode, but I do so love the characters and I feel like the story lines are much better than NCIS.  As a whole I feel like the series is better than CSI and much more fun to watch.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

I just recently started watching this show, and it was solely based on the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was in it.  Not a bad reason in my opinion and the show has not disappointed me.  While I don’t consider it to be the best thing I watch, I still think it worth the change to see and laugh at.

This list is not complete as I watch other things like Heroes (even though I’m only half way through Season 3 still 😦 ) and Family Guy, and probably a number of other shows that I would be sad to forget in my list, however for times sake, I think I might just leave the list here and call it a night since I should be going to be at a decent time to start class tomorrow.  I wont go to bed at a decent hour, but I should ^_^.

Note that my list is also primarily American TV shows because I get access to few over seas shows, but please feel free to recommend others shows or share your feelings on these.

Doctor Who

Rose Tyler and The Doctor

So I have been watching a ton of Doctor Who lately.

I had been avoiding the series as a whole for quite a while since I knew that once I started watching it I would have no urge to stop.  Seeing as BBC America chose to showcase day long marathons on both Christmas and New Year’s Day, I obviously became hooked.

I’ve been on Winter break this week so I’ve had plenty of time.  Thus,  have been watching a ton of Doctor Who lately.

I have gone through four seasons already and have started on the fifth.  Through scientific (^_^) study I have discovered that while I adore each Doctor in turn, David Tennant is my favorite.  It happens.

Seeing as I need to stop ignoring my blog, I decided the Doctor was the perfect way to revive it since I’m currently obsessed.  Due to technical difficulties I am not yet half way through the fifth season, so maybe my opinion of my favorite Doctor will change although I highly doubt it will.

The series over all is pretty fulfilling for a nerdy science girl.  I love catching small call backs in the episodes and the plot lines actually keep me entertained, so over all I vote the series as well worth the time I spent this week watching it.

….I don’t want classes to start, they are seriously going to crimp my Doctor Who viewing time.

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