Wait…Are You Serious?

Apparently some politicians now think they have the right to invade women’s wombs, since you know, they were there once. We live in 2012, shouldn’t women’s rights be a non-issue by this point?

I posted this on my facebook account earlier in conjunction to a lovely blog my friend found. You don’t have to read my post, but the blog is definitely worth the read.

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts

I understand that as a member of the lower-middle class (and this is a high estimation given that I am an unemployed full-time graduate student), and that employers and many government officials expect my blood, sweat and tears to make them more money, but I am NOT a beast of burden. I am not a piece of livestock, and you do not control my reproductive rights.

We can send people to the moon. We can forcibly keep a body “alive” well past its years. We can grow replacement organs and invent a skin gun, but we can’t let women make their own reproductive choices.

Oh boy I can’t wait to attempt to bring a child into this world one day.


It’s that time again!

A new charity based game bundle has been released. Due to complete lack of free time I forgot to post the last one. Also laziness might have been a factor.

I am smack dab in the middle of grad school, gaming, and reading books for reviews. It’s a busy and lovely (well…mostly lovely) life.

Because of that I am going to keep this short and sweet since I should be writing a report on drug analysis.

The Indie Gala has a new bundle out. If you click the link you can see the different games offered. They are doing something a little different this time and releasing albums with the games, as well as giving you the opportunity to donate a touch more and receive the games from the first bundle if you did not get a chance to get them before hand.

If your looking to still be a penny pincher after the holidays but want to score new games while helping out a charity, go for it!


One game even has zombies in it, which is of course a bonus in my book.

Bucket List

I am in the middle of trying to get back in to the groove of grad school whilst trying to finish about 10 different things to review. I hate posting when I’ve got nothing.

So since my poor brain has been over worked contemplating Death, my views of it, the legal systems views of it, and how to handle it all (thank you Forensic Medicine) I decided to go with something else thought provoking but less traumatizing.

My brother asked me over the holiday if I had a Bucket List. I don’t. I always think about doing one, but I haven’t. I think I keep hedging on it because I know I need a job and money first so I don’t want to start something I can’t do anything about. Incidentally I don’t see a point in making one if you can’t do it, so practicality is a big issue for me. I have a lot of things I want to do, but can I actually do them? Probably not.

Thus, I have to think of things. I can do this. Non-issue. I haven’t written anything down yet. I can’t decide if I want it digital where I can add, arrange, and erase things as I choose, or a good old fashioned piece of paper where I can write in the margins, physically scratch things off when done, and be able to hold in my hand.

In fact, screw it. Piece of paper it is.

In fact, I might write it over several pages, so I can frame them as the page is complete. Display it as a show of satisfaction in my life.

Do you have a Bucket List? What are some of the things you included? I’m not trying to be morbid, just oddly curious.

I think one of my things is I want to visit every continent. I don’t need to do anything special there, just do it. Maybe do a dorky little dance so at Christmas parties when I get old I can bust out the move and claim that I did it on every continent in the world.

I also have specific countries I want to go to. Japan, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Peru, Spain, France, London.

I also want to go to Europe (probably London) and hop a bus and travel to different countries. You can do that you know. Just a half hour ride and be in a different country altogether.

I want to actually learn, not just bastardize, a foreign language.

I want to donate a scholarship to my community college. I earned a scholarship from a donor who went their previously, both years I attended (until I graduated) and it paid all of my tuition. Not that it was a lot compared to a university, but it made all the difference for my parents and me. I want to do that for someone else.

I also think that no matter how many kids I have, I want to adopt one, just because so many need homes. This is also contingent upon whom I have children with…I’ll talk them into it ^_^.

I want to go on a shopping spree, just once. Have a wad of cash in hand and just go. This might also coincide with I want to gamble in Vegas and to hell with winning or loosing. (This all implies I have a good financial sense and a budget. Blowing everything isn’t an option. But setting aside cash until I get a thousand or two specifically for this purpose is well within bounds).

What have you got?

Fear Not

I’m not dead, I’m just very busy. Holidays do that to a person yes?

I’ve been home (in NC) since Thanksgiving…without my own car. I rode down with the boyfriend, thinking “No problem, my parents have a spare”, which was cool by them, until it died the week I was set to come home. Car-less for a month and change in a hectic holiday and “Visit me because I haven’t seen you in months!” world is no bueno.

Next time, no matter how annoying it is to take two cars down initially, it is happening if I have to stay longer than a week without my own transport.

I will be back in WV, preparing for the start of my second semester of graduate school next week however, and (somewhat) normal posting shall resume.

Coming up I have a few mini-game reviews (video, board, card and even table top rpg!!), some book suggestions, as well as two books to finish and review for the authors as they were gracious enough to procure advanced copies for me. One is the second in Tony Bertraud’s Socket Greeny series that I have reviewed the first in, and another is something that sounds insane and hilarious and I can’t wait to read it. My family also rained ebooks on me, as well as traded in older less awesome books for “new” books I have not yet read.

On that note, support your local book traders people, they are pretty amazing and have a slew on hidden gems.


I have acquired an iphone (due to family hijacking my old phone and upgrading me) and it has a wordpress application, can anyone tell me if it’s worth a damn? I’ve looked at it but not had a chance to really use it yet but didn’t want to bother too much if it’s a bust.

What are you looking forward to in 2012? I haven’t decided yet. Although I may take the time to start a bucket list instead of a resolution list this New Year.

I hope the Holidays have been lovely for everyone, Be back next year!!!!



I had an entire rant/legit argument to post about people who cannot handle it when other people do not agree with something they like. It was build around why I personally think Twilight sucks and I had a full argument with examples.

I decided to be a big girl and not bother because 1)the party it is directed at will never read it 2)I don’t care enough about Twilight and its Twitards to dedicate a whole post to them.


What I am curious about it what you like to see/would like to see in a zombie story. I have had a story brewing for years at this point, which constantly changes due to exposure to more material/ideas and lack of writing it down somewhere. I like new things in zombie works, I mean I love my zombies, but reading the same thing every time becomes very old.

I want a more nerdcentric story…as in why nerds are the (un)likely heroes of the Zombie Apocalypse based on their knowledge gained from games/comics/videos/etc but I’m not sure if that is lame and contrived at this point.

What would YOU like to see that Z stories don’t use or cover? (Or if they do something in particular that you DO love).

Please share! Consider it research that has nothing to do with my graduate work ^_^.

Indie Royale II

Great news! Just in case you didn’t have enough to distract you, the Indie Royale II Bundle is out!!

A similar idea to The Humble Indie Bundle, a pay-what-you-want kind of deal with a minimum price that increases with the number of people who have purchased the bundle (buy early!) and decreases if you decide to pay more than the minimum price (to further support the indie devs and keep the price low for others!).

Current price (11/10/11 3:00pm): $3.40

NightSky, Steam price $10 – A physics-based platformer, I remember playing the demo a long while ago and really enjoying it, but not feeling like dropping $10 on it.

Fate of the World, Steam price $10 – A strategy game in which you try to keep the world alive through rising population, decreasing resources, and climate changes. I haven’t tried it, but it sounds really interesting.

Scoregasm – Bullet hell-esque shooter, no experience with it but it looks like a lot of fun. It’s supposed to be a “bullet hell shooter for the masses,” meaning it’s more accessible for those who would normally not be interested in the genre. It’s on steam (I remember considering buying it, before) but its steam page is not showing up now for some reason. I think it was between $5-$10.

Ben There, Dan That! & Time Gentlemen, Please!, Steam price $5 – Two truly great point and click adventure games. Honestly funny all throughout, the writing is superb. The puzzles make sense, they do a great job at signposting without making solutions too obscure or too obvious. Excellent games.

Feel free to jump for it!!

Do get over yourself

Everyone has something that they catch flac for, everyone. Sometimes its harmless ribbing from your friends over something silly, or sometimes its something that hurts your feelings from people who hardly know you.

One of the things that myself (and several of my friends) catch crap for is gaming. People still see it as a childish activity (despite the plethora of obviously not child-safe games on the market) and think we are wasting our time. They can think what they want but while they are wasting brain power on some mindless reality tv show, I am playing puzzle games that require thought, or shooters that require strategy. Also I’m enhancing my eye-hand coordinative skills and decreasing the amount of time it takes for me to see something and rapidly respond. I’m also venting my frustration in a healthy way that doesn’t harm anyone.

However, I in particular catch the hatorade for another reason, I am a female gamer. I am apart of f7 Lans gaming community, where are are about 3 or 4 females present at any given time (which is impressive in its own) and the community is supportive of us. Yes we get picked on, but not for being female. They even lovingly call us fem7 and they gladly gloat that they are the only community to have chicks show up to their lans. We kinda rule. We also love having other ladies around, we don’t play the catty bitch card that we aren’t the only female in the group.

However outside of f7, or new comers to f7, are not as nice. In fact they can be down right rude.

A good friend of mine just passed a long a link to me which really illustrates this well. Kotaku just posted One Female Gamer Records A Warfare In Words in which a female gamer expresses her grievances. The authors of the article has her own blog about this as well, Not in the Kitchen Anymore where she shares more and publishes audio recordings of things actually said to her. If you are interested I recommend giving it a read and a listen.

Sure most of us are used to the trash talk, but its still rude and we shouldn’t have to hear it just because we have ovaries. No we do not like being called little boys, and do not appreciate the “well you must be fat or ugly since your playing games and not doing something else”. Its mean and many of us are playing with our boyfriends, not alone, so the comments are invalid. Like Haniver says in her article, If we’re ugly fat loners, then what are the people playing with us and calling us names?

The next time you talk smack in a game, do it over skill, not over sex or gender. I’m not asking for people to treat females nicer, or take it easy on us, we don’t want that at all, we can hold our own and prove it. I just ask that we are treated fairly.

Seems easy enough if you ask me.

Humble Voxatron Debut

That’s right! Another Humble Bundle! I’ve explained it all to you before but if you want a refresher then you can listen to the explanation in the video!




Two more games have already been added to the bundle!!!

Fun Goodies!!!

I know I JUST posted but over at A Book Lover’s Review blog there is a give-a-way for some pretty awesome book swag for the next 13 days! The entries are not complex and are definitely worth the shot at winning something!

Each day something different is going on so pop on over to check it out!!!! (For the contest AND the awesome blog).

Below is taken directly (literally because I wanted to make sure I minimized errors iin trying to spread the word) from her blog just to give you a teaser, go check it out!

Day 1 Giveaway
Screaming Bundle Pack!!

Enthralled anthology (signed by Rachel Vincent)
(Signed) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Donated by Random House)
(Signed)The Night Circus card stock Excerpts (Donated by Random House)
Dear Bully anthology
Audiobook- Dreamland by Alyson Noel (Donated by Macmillan Audio)
Audiobook- All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin
(Donated by Macmillan Audio)
Bookmarks- Infinity,Forgive My Fins, If I Die (signed)
Button- YA Saves
Tattoos-Forgive My Fins
Magnet w/marker- Blessed
Not in Picture
(Signed) Firelignt by Sophie Jorden & Swag Pack
Books by Alyson Noel

And yes I am still working on plushies, suggestions welcome!!

Good Grief

Due to the recent tuition hike at my graduate school and the impending rent hike I will have next year, I have decided to come out of the self imposed (Graduate School related) plushie hiatus I was enduring.

I feel I should start preemptively saving money so I can, you know, eat next year? I’ve contemplated employment but I worry I’ll work too much to get enough time to devote to my studies, and as I am online currently I cannot work for my school, so that’s out.

Time to start breaking out the fabric reserves I have left and rebuild those calluses on my fingers! >_<

Also, anyone catch the season 2 premier of The Walking Dead or been watching American Horror Story? So The Walking Dead is brilliant as always, and if you haven’t watched the first season (or read the comics) then I say shame on you. Ok not really, but I strongly recommend both. No really, the comics are some of the best I’ve read in a while, and the series does not disappoint! Unless of course, you don’t like zombies. It’s on AMC Sundays at 9, which turned out to be nicer than expected because I’m winding my weekend work/insanity around then anyway.

As for American Horror Story, I was completely intrigued by the commercials, and after 2 episodes I am still have no idea what the hell is really going on but it’s fun and I’m enjoying it. I am unsure how long the season is going to be, I suppose it may be roughly 6 episodes like season 1 (and probably season 2) of The Walking Dead. Fun enough, the website has video and a tour of each room in the house with new clues each week about what it going on. I haven’t looked at them yet (stupid grad school, lol) but I’m going to before the new episodes comes on this Wednesday (FX at 10–>also the same channel It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is on…WIN).

I figure since I’m not doing much socially for Halloween this year, I might as well enjoy the holiday as much as I can through other methods.

Off to go plush, any suggestions?

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