Wait…Are You Serious?

Apparently some politicians now think they have the right to invade women’s wombs, since you know, they were there once. We live in 2012, shouldn’t women’s rights be a non-issue by this point?

I posted this on my facebook account earlier in conjunction to a lovely blog my friend found. You don’t have to read my post, but the blog is definitely worth the read.

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts

I understand that as a member of the lower-middle class (and this is a high estimation given that I am an unemployed full-time graduate student), and that employers and many government officials expect my blood, sweat and tears to make them more money, but I am NOT a beast of burden. I am not a piece of livestock, and you do not control my reproductive rights.

We can send people to the moon. We can forcibly keep a body “alive” well past its years. We can grow replacement organs and invent a skin gun, but we can’t let women make their own reproductive choices.

Oh boy I can’t wait to attempt to bring a child into this world one day.


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