I had an entire rant/legit argument to post about people who cannot handle it when other people do not agree with something they like. It was build around why I personally think Twilight sucks and I had a full argument with examples.

I decided to be a big girl and not bother because 1)the party it is directed at will never read it 2)I don’t care enough about Twilight and its Twitards to dedicate a whole post to them.


What I am curious about it what you like to see/would like to see in a zombie story. I have had a story brewing for years at this point, which constantly changes due to exposure to more material/ideas and lack of writing it down somewhere. I like new things in zombie works, I mean I love my zombies, but reading the same thing every time becomes very old.

I want a more nerdcentric story…as in why nerds are the (un)likely heroes of the Zombie Apocalypse based on their knowledge gained from games/comics/videos/etc but I’m not sure if that is lame and contrived at this point.

What would YOU like to see that Z stories don’t use or cover? (Or if they do something in particular that you DO love).

Please share! Consider it research that has nothing to do with my graduate work ^_^.


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