Do get over yourself

Everyone has something that they catch flac for, everyone. Sometimes its harmless ribbing from your friends over something silly, or sometimes its something that hurts your feelings from people who hardly know you.

One of the things that myself (and several of my friends) catch crap for is gaming. People still see it as a childish activity (despite the plethora of obviously not child-safe games on the market) and think we are wasting our time. They can think what they want but while they are wasting brain power on some mindless reality tv show, I am playing puzzle games that require thought, or shooters that require strategy. Also I’m enhancing my eye-hand coordinative skills and decreasing the amount of time it takes for me to see something and rapidly respond. I’m also venting my frustration in a healthy way that doesn’t harm anyone.

However, I in particular catch the hatorade for another reason, I am a female gamer. I am apart of f7 Lans gaming community, where are are about 3 or 4 females present at any given time (which is impressive in its own) and the community is supportive of us. Yes we get picked on, but not for being female. They even lovingly call us fem7 and they gladly gloat that they are the only community to have chicks show up to their lans. We kinda rule. We also love having other ladies around, we don’t play the catty bitch card that we aren’t the only female in the group.

However outside of f7, or new comers to f7, are not as nice. In fact they can be down right rude.

A good friend of mine just passed a long a link to me which really illustrates this well. Kotaku just posted One Female Gamer Records A Warfare In Words in which a female gamer expresses her grievances. The authors of the article has her own blog about this as well, Not in the Kitchen Anymore where she shares more and publishes audio recordings of things actually said to her. If you are interested I recommend giving it a read and a listen.

Sure most of us are used to the trash talk, but its still rude and we shouldn’t have to hear it just because we have ovaries. No we do not like being called little boys, and do not appreciate the “well you must be fat or ugly since your playing games and not doing something else”. Its mean and many of us are playing with our boyfriends, not alone, so the comments are invalid. Like Haniver says in her article, If we’re ugly fat loners, then what are the people playing with us and calling us names?

The next time you talk smack in a game, do it over skill, not over sex or gender. I’m not asking for people to treat females nicer, or take it easy on us, we don’t want that at all, we can hold our own and prove it. I just ask that we are treated fairly.

Seems easy enough if you ask me.


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