Good Grief

Due to the recent tuition hike at my graduate school and the impending rent hike I will have next year, I have decided to come out of the self imposed (Graduate School related) plushie hiatus I was enduring.

I feel I should start preemptively saving money so I can, you know, eat next year? I’ve contemplated employment but I worry I’ll work too much to get enough time to devote to my studies, and as I am online currently I cannot work for my school, so that’s out.

Time to start breaking out the fabric reserves I have left and rebuild those calluses on my fingers! >_<

Also, anyone catch the season 2 premier of The Walking Dead or been watching American Horror Story? So The Walking Dead is brilliant as always, and if you haven’t watched the first season (or read the comics) then I say shame on you. Ok not really, but I strongly recommend both. No really, the comics are some of the best I’ve read in a while, and the series does not disappoint! Unless of course, you don’t like zombies. It’s on AMC Sundays at 9, which turned out to be nicer than expected because I’m winding my weekend work/insanity around then anyway.

As for American Horror Story, I was completely intrigued by the commercials, and after 2 episodes I am still have no idea what the hell is really going on but it’s fun and I’m enjoying it. I am unsure how long the season is going to be, I suppose it may be roughly 6 episodes like season 1 (and probably season 2) of The Walking Dead. Fun enough, the website has video and a tour of each room in the house with new clues each week about what it going on. I haven’t looked at them yet (stupid grad school, lol) but I’m going to before the new episodes comes on this Wednesday (FX at 10–>also the same channel It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is on…WIN).

I figure since I’m not doing much socially for Halloween this year, I might as well enjoy the holiday as much as I can through other methods.

Off to go plush, any suggestions?


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