Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Do you like dirt cheap things? Do you like helping charity? Do you like games?

Well then have I got the perfect thing for you!

For the past year or so, something has been going around the internet called the Humble Indie Bundle. What it is, is a group of popular indie games, bundled together. In order to get them, you donate however much you want. Your donation goes to the developers,  to the charity Child’s Play  and EFF, and to the Humble company, or if you chose, all to charity or one of the others. You can alter how much of your donation goes to each. So far there have been about 5 of these releases (give or take one) and generally each release includes around 5 games (except the Frozenbyte bundle which they kept adding more and more games to).

In this most recent release, the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, only one game (Frozen Synapse) is available. (You can listen to a technical review of Frozen Synapse here on Total Biscuit’s channel, as I doubt I could explain it to save my life). It is only one game and not even one I am terrible interested at that. But here is the kicker, if you donate over the average amount (around $4.17 when I donated earlier and is currently at $4.51) you can get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle which has a ton of games (One of which is Trine which is an absolute blast in my opinion). You can even feel free to only donate $0.01 if you feel so inclined. So far the Humble Bundles have raised over $2 million for charities.

Also, I forgot to mention, all the games on the Humble bundles are DRM free. So as long as you keep your confirmation email with the link in it, you can download these games as many times as you want!

The Humble tech ninjas are amazing and will help you as quickly as they can with any problem whatsoever, so no fear there. They helped get us all through the fiasco which was the donators essentially screwing paypal up with the rapid fire donations they were processing ^_^.

All in all, I have nothing terrible to say about the bundles. I mean it is a way to get cheap games and to help out a good cause. I have all of them regardless of whether I like the games or not just to donate to the charity. (Even broke grad students donate to charity when they can!)

If you aren’t sure about it quite yet, have no fear, there are 13 days left to think about it. Also I am sure they will be another one and I will happily post it here as a reminder. You can also follow them on Twitter @humble for notifications. I think you also get an email about the next one automatically when you donate, although I am sure you can sign up for the email without donating.

Happy Gaming!!!



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