Oh don’t mind me

While I have a brief fangirl moment.

Most of you know my love for british television, and I thank you for dealing with my rantings, be please prepare for another quick one.

The Misfits, which is a show about 5 delinquents who obtain powers from a lightning storm during community service.

There are two seasons out so far, and Hulu, being AWESOME has put them all online for free, so if you haven’t seen them and are interested you can go have a look-see or have a quick refresher for the upcoming season.

Season 3 is of course why I am geeking out.The season starts soon, although I unfortunately can’t tell you exactly when as my research failed.

I am also curious to see if Hulu posts the new videos after they air like they do with other shows like Bones (although Hulu doesn’t give you access to entire seasons of Bones unless you have a paid sub, only the most recent 5 episodes). I am hoping they do, but I guess we wont really find out until the show starts (I am crossing my fingers though since I don’t get BBC America or E4 currently…sadness).

The filler episode between season 2’s finale and season 3’s premier is finally out and gives an explanation as to why Nathan will not being in season 3.

Also, I just found out today that the season 3 promo trailer is out! (hence the reason for the post really)


I’m excited! If you want something funny and quirky then I’d recommend you give it a watch, its definitely worth it.


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  1. Rincewind
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 16:25:37

    maybe you will slightly hate me here, went past one studio which is 5 minutes from me (Wimbledon UK) where they used to just film soaps and crap. Went past and saw these people in orange jumpsuits, just walked on but thought I recognised some of them. It wasn’t until 1 hour later it hit me who I saw outside the studio, the full bloody cast of misfits. So every morning to work, I get the pleasure to walk past and hope that they will be standing outside again but no 😦 If I see them I’ll make sure they get you an autograph to a plushie zombie girl 🙂


    • Voldenae
      Sep 18, 2011 @ 17:50:03

      OMG That is so awesome! I love happening across places where people are filming, and its super awesome that it was them!
      You should sneak a picture from a phone or something if you can, it’s so exciting! *squeeeee*


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