Review-The Discovery of Socket Greeny

I am an avid user of Goodreads, and as such I find a slew of new books to oogle. One of the books I was interested in checking out was Tony Bertauski’s The Discovery of Socket Greeny.

Luckily, through a stroke of luck, Bertauski contacted me and asked if I might like a chance to read his work early in exchange for a review on the site. Seeing as I am a sucker for a)books, b) free things, and c) getting things early, I was all over it.

Let’s start off with the skepticism. While I was interested in reading this book, I was worried that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Happily I can say that this is not the case.

The world takes place in a potential and very possible future in which our world is more technologically advanced. People go in “Virtualmode” rather than the internet, and I must say I’m a bit jealous.

The plot revolves around Socket, who is a typical high school kid whose father passed away when he was young and mother took it too hard, virtually leaving him on his own. An incident at school awakens abilities he never knew he had, which cause him to be whisked away by him mother to the Paladin Nation.

The Paladin Nation are your standard Men In Black scenario where a secret governmental society is protecting the human race from things it isn’t even sure exists. Socket’s parents were part of this nation and it appears Socket has advanced Paladin powers.

From here, Socket faces emotional hurdles from various parts of his life. In all, I found Socket to be a fun and believable character because no 16 year old is going to be grateful for everything, nor act rationally and sane all the time.
(MILD SPOILER: He can hear other people’s thoughts and even look into their minds. In more than one instance he invades someone’s mind against their will, which is obviously a no-no, but being an impulsive teen-ager, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it until later his mother reprimands him. Something that is realistic and nice to see in characters, where honor and nobility is instilled in the character through their beliefs as well as experiences.)

This book doesn’t feel like it’s sucked you in until you try to put it down to go do something else. I finished this book rather than finish unpacking my kitchen in the same day.  It was an easy and fun read perfect for the Summer if you ask me.

I am definitely looking forward to his follow up books in this series. Or in any other.


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