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For those of you whom believe that your sign (zodiac) actually gives an indication as to your personality, I am a Gemini, and apparently I fit the bill pretty well.

I bring this up because I am at polar opposites with myself. My room is a complete and utter wreck, yet my closet is in order by color (lightest to darkest thank you, none of that ROY G BIV bull shit). I tear into food but have to eat certain foods in certain fashions(…don’t ask, even I don’t get it). I always always have a school planner with important dates/tests/assignments written in it, and never look at the damn thing. I almost always put the milk/jelly on TOP of the refrigerator and the cereal/peanut butter IN the fridge, although I am sure that has more to do with be being an absent minded weirdo than odd organizational skills. (No lie, my boyfriend and parents check after me when I’ve had cereal or pb&j to make sure things are in the proper place>_<).

My cds, movies, books, and video games are all in alphabetical order, not this weird “what I listen to/watch/read/play the most” crap that many many of my male friends try to feed me.

They go in ALPHABETICAL ORDER dammit. That is how I find things. If it “gets lost” I can hazard a guess as to which area of the shelf to search in order to find it. Does this mean that the book/movie/game is more likely to be on it’s proper shelf than say oh…the freezer or under the bathroom sink? No. But if it IS on the shelf then it is where I can readily find it.

My boyfriend laughs at my alphabetizing system. I glare at him.

So, if you are like me, then you like them in order. Also, you probably loan things out, move, shuffle about and randomly loose them. Where did that movie go? Hell if I know? Ugh.

So I decided, since I am in some dire need of organization at the moment, so develop my own spreadsheet of my movies.

This is not a new idea at all. I know many a person that does this in some form or another.  I used to hand write down all my movies into an address book since then come pre-divided by letter.

But then I lost the address book. And then I lost several movies.

I still have no clue where any of those missing items are. >_<

Since I am in the middle of a move, I unfortunately do not have my shelf in front of my to copy easily. I’ve been trying to remember everything I own, which has actually been a very fun mental exersize (stop looking at me as though I am weird…)
I have everything in alphabetical order. I made sections indicating whether it is on a dvd or blu-ray. I have even indicated in a separate column whether it is missing or loaned to someone (name included thank you very much). In a separate page/tab (whatever you call it) I have a similar thing going on for the tv series I happen to own on dvd. In another I have a list of movies I would like to own but keep forgetting to look for.

It sounds tedious I know, but if you are lucky enough to have your shelf handy, it’s a breeze. Also very cathartic in a weird sort of way. As a lovely bonus it is easily searchable!!! No frickin guessing games!

It is also a lovely way to rediscover things you haven’t watched in a while/have forgotten about, and gives you fun insight to yourself from a perspective you normally do not take into account.

My shelf for example is a distinct amalgamation of myself. I have childhood memories, thought provoking debate starters, funny simple movies that I watch while I sew/type papers, and movies I only watch during specific holidays/seasons to get in the right mood. Oh…and lots and lots of zombie movies. Lots.

Now I am not suggesting that every time I want to watch something I am going to race to my computer and load up the file. Far from it. However, when I get a new movie, or see something interesting I would one day like to own, it is going in the list. Or if I fear I have yet again lost something.

I am very seriously considering doing the same thing for my ps3 games. I have no need for it with my PC games since I use Steam for almost every single one. While my ps3 library is considerably smaller than my movie library, I frequently lent out my games to my boyfriend’s seventeen year old twin brothers and my mother. I trust them all of course, but I am quite likely to forget who has what.

That is my insanity for the moment. Off to go read now as an author sent me an advance copy of his book so I can read and review it. That will be coming up soon!

Until then,

peace, love & brains!


p.s. bear with me as I go through several different blog layouts over the next several days! I feel like it’s time for a change and I suck at photoshop so I can’t make anything for myself >_<.


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