Wanted to bring an update your way.

Pottermore has been experiencing issues with some of their servers sending out emails. The day that I originally completed registration was one of their worst days, and I still haven’t received an email for it.

Instead I completed registration during the last day’s challenge and my email arrived shortly after. People commented “Oh but you’ll have two accounts then!” In response, I say, honestly, I am pretty sure that email is never coming. There servers were so flooded and full of issues that I am sure many an email was lost to the internet abyss.

It happens, so I signed up again. No bigs. If it does happen to come, then it goes to my Mom who wants in as well.


Now for the confusing bit. A few of my friends got in as well and want to know why they do not actually have site access. All we basically did was sign up to get early access. There will be “Welcome emails” sent out that actually let you into the site. These will be dispersed at random to those of us who participated at random intervals so that the site is not flooded all at once.

No, there is no indication as to when it is these emails will be trekking across the intertubes and into your inbox.

Fear not, it will open for Beta access before October, just no idea how long before then ^_^.



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  1. Jeyna Grace
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 22:48:58

    The day i made my account, it was about an hour later before i received my email. Got a little worried cause my friends who made the day earlier got their confirmation in 10 minutes. Its really unpredictable.


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