Did I mention…

That I am an avid PotterHead?  I am. It’s true.

I’m not going to bother to gush and tell you to see the last movie if you haven’t, even though you should.

I am going to tell you to go take a look at Pottermore. For 7 days (only 3 left sorry) you can answer a question to find the magickal quill to register your name and get into the Pottermore beta. If you aren’t a potterhead then you can wait until October to check it out. It’s supposed to be a more interactive experience with the world and the books of Harry Potter, which I am all for.

I just registered today (family vacation kept me from catching the right few hours in which registration opens each day, which is of course at random >_<), and due to the large influx of people trying to get in I am still waiting for my validation email to arrive so I can delve in and check it out.

Now the issue is that my internet provider is slightly…special…so the link with the right answer wouldn’t work for me but I called a friend who is already in and she put the info in for me.

Registration wasn’t even open for 3 hours today if you are interested, I suggest book marking the Pottermore page and checking periodically. There is no rhyme or reason for the hours, they just are.

Also, a hint for you in preparation. There are 7 days of registration and 7 books. Each registration day correlates to that book number and the magic quill question will be related to that book. Registration day 5 is coming sometime soon-ish, so brush up on your last three books if you want a chance! They are also math related (and pretty simple) so don’t freak out over obscure Potter-Lore.

Once I FINALLY receive my email and explore a bit I’ll report back, potentially with some screen shots to give an idea of the feel of it.

EDIT:: I added a link in my blogroll ——> for the Pottermore Blog. Today’s registration has had some issues, hence my not yet receiving the confirmation email even though I got in at 11 this morning. (And why the link wasn’t working to swell on my laptop to begin with >_<)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!!


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  1. Rincewind
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 17:28:20

    oooooooh, this will be so good…


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