Dear Japan

I would like to apologize for the ignorant and hateful things that ridiculous Americans who are obviously sore losers are spouting out. The Women’s World Cup game was amazing and I cheered for both teams as both were excellent players.

I was not saddened when my country lost, because I thought your country deserved the morale boost more than us in light of the recent tsunami that you are still struggling to recover from.

I don’t understand why Americans, who would have forgotten all about this game three days afterwards had we won, feel the need to say hateful things like “Congrats on winning the cup Japan, we still have Hiroshima” which is obviously so out of line it’s insane.

I apologize and congratulations, with the responses American’s have made I’m glad you won, you clearly deserve it more than we did.

This kind of hate should be intolerable, let alone over just a sport.

This is a picture of the many things said on facebook as an example, and it’s heartbreaking, I posted the link and not the image because I don’t want to see it in my blog


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