Feed- A Review

In case you were wondering, no I am not abandoning my future post devoted to mythology in books/games/movies, I am still compiling thoughts and waiting for contributions (you can email yours to voldenae at hotmail).

I wanted to turn my attention first to Feed by Mira Grant. You can visit her site here. Mira Grant also happens to be Seanan Mcguire, whose October Daye series with which I happen to be unhealthily addicted.

Feed isn’t your typical Zombie novel, for which I am glad. As a zombie enthusiast, I read an awful lot of Zombie related material and certain plot lines/events/motifs/etc are used repeatedly and while I love it, it does get a bit exhuasting unless I read a multitude of other things as palate cleansers.

The first large difference, and one I very much enjoy is that Feed happens to take place 20 years after the outbreak of the Kellis-Amberlee virus that reanimates the dead and makes them feed on the living. Also, rather than reputable news, bloggers have become the reliable source of information. Bring in the main characters, siblings Georgia and Shaun Mason, their partner Buffy, and future partner Rick.

George (as Shaun calls her) and Shaun are entertaining characters. As typical siblings, they share interests, they have completely different interests, act completely different, fight, and back each other up without hesitation. In a zombie infested world I would like to think you can argue with your sibling while covering their back in a fight, and George and Shaun have this down. They don’t fight to a point of frustration however, and I loved this as well. I get sibling tension, I just want it there without being beaten over the head with it.

So yes, character design, I’d say pretty brilliant in some cases, while just entertaining in others, which I come to expect from Mira/Seanan.

I did not expect to fall in love with the plot. I have political opinions, but honestly I try to stay away from politics all together. I don’t enjoy reading about them. I stifled a groan when the siblings receive an email confirming that they have been selected to follow the political campaign of Senator Peter Ryman by touring with him and reporting on the events. This may make you roll your eyes as well, however Grant did a wonderful job in portraying the campaign and keeping bits interesting while not getting to wrapped up in it that it diverges from the plot. Obviously something hinky is going on with the campaign that our protagonists have to deal with, I wont say what as it is a part of the over all plot and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone intending to read the book.

Plot wise, it was not disappointing, things get really deep really fast even though you aren’t even aware of it at the time.

There are still fights with zombies, and the validation that Romero movies are in fact a great starter for zombie survival basics.

Grant put a ridiculous amount of research into certain parts of this book that most people might not even appreciate, so the tech talk, political details, and continuity of the book are enjoyable.

Grant also has the ability to make you laugh one minute and then nearly cry the next. I actually listened to the audiobook while driving which was a little stressful at certain points. Nothing like being in the middle of a zombie attack while being in high traffic. O_o

The next book in the series is Deadline, and yes I have already acquired my copy and will start it soon. I don’t feel like I’ve said much to do it justice but I really don’t want to spoil it in case someone decides to pick it up…It really was brilliant though, and definitely worth a look into!

I’m off to go read more…after I get my kindle updated…


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  1. Rincewind
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 15:37:59

    hmmm, haven’t heard about this one. Off to the bookstore tomorrow and try it..


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