A bit of Randoms

So have you heard about the Vancouver Riot? And the kiss that launched a sensation?

You can get the story here, but regardless of whether this kiss was just to settle the nerves of the girl or not, this is probably one of the most gorgeous photographs I have seen. Just thought I would share in case this rare beautiful moment happened to pass you by.


Also, in riot like news…I’ve been packing/cleaning/throwing things out of my apartment. It’s tough work and I feel like the more I accomplish the more I have to do…ugh. I also didn’t get rid of near as much as I had hoped, but I’m going to go back through my clothes and try to find more to donate.

Mum and I are going to see Alegria tonight, I’m excited, apparently we have better seats for this than we did for Katy Perry and we had some awesome seats for her. I still need to edit those photos but let’s face it, that wont happen until after the move ^_^.

Oh, for one of my upcoming posts I would like to cover the mythology behind movies/books/games/etc. Some really delve into mythology, and some make up their own, and some do it well while others flounder. If you would like to write a small bit to contribute about some of your own favorite experience with media and mythos, feel free, I may do multiple installments to talk about some of my favorites (as well as some epic fails).

Until next time!

(I promised more zombies)


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