Someone upstairs clearly has a sense of humor…

Remember last week when I was thrilled to have been accepted to grad school? Well I wasn’t the only one to receive an acceptance, my boyfriend was accepted in to WVU’s medical school.

This is great news, other than, oh we don’t live in West Virginia and I have absolutely no urge to move there. Like ever. Ever. EEEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR.
Unfortunately, considering the bf and I have been together for a while, that is where I will end up. It helps that he feels the same way though. “WHOOOO Medical School! BOOO West Virginia!!!”

This is because I made so many jokes about West Virginia sucking isn’t it? Someone upstairs clearly found it funny. >_<

I’m not against the move (just the West Virginia part). It’s seven hours away but it isn’t like I wont get to see my family and dog multiple times a year. I however will not get to drive there whenever I frickin please because it’s only 50 minutes away. Also it’s only for a few years until Michael starts residency.

It’ll be an adventure. If I don’t get arrested for punching hillbillies in the face then we’ll be all right. ^_^.

I’m going to go play a bit more Alice to vent and prepare for a proper review of it for your ignoring pleasure.


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