How Voldenae didn’t break her computer/How f7 won the LAN

In case you were unable to make the LAN (how lame of you) here are a few highlights from it, and I promise to try to keep it as brief as possible. The main thing to know is that f7 cleaned up at this LAN. Through competitions and the raffle we made out like bandits, seriously.

f7 winners with their swag

(For my non-gamer pals, I apologize for all of the gamer tag names I use, I justify it by saying you wouldn’t know their real names either, lol)

  1. Clickfire is the kind of headsets…he won 3 at this LAN and ended up giving a pair to f7 as a donation that was quickly give to Bobo.
  2. Bobo, who is still sans house, made it to the LAN and has an incredibly helpful and awesome father. I think he adopted us but I can’t be sure.
  3. Esca won the “who has the crapiest pair of headphones” mini-competition and received a nice new pair from Corsair.
  4. Super Cereal won…well I can’t remember what it’s called but it looks like a skateboard to drag your rig around on, and he and Esca won a new set of speakers.
  5. SOCRATEZ (my boyfriend, oddly like the Greek philosopher some days) won Ram that neither he nor I can use yet.
  6. Wstrika won an i5 and motherboard, which is pretty b.a.
  7. Adric won a new mini-case
  8. Blendor won liquid cooling
  9. I won a new case, power supply, speakers, liquid cooling, and headset from a case buildoff. Slight details below.

So Corsair, one of the epic sponsors of the LAN decided to do miniature competitions (who has the worst headset and case)  as well as game competitions (like CS:S and TF2). Esca won the worst headset one and received a nice new headset. I was chosen to participate in the case build-off because I have a truly horrible case. Well ok the whole rig really. So I, along with the one helper I was allowed (msleeper) go meet up with someone else with a crap-tastic case and his helper. Since we were in the competition we both automatically won the case. The race was to pull everything out of your old crap-a-licious case and transplant it into the new gorgeous one provided by Corsair. Let’s be honest, I have NO idea about the inner doings of a computer. The only time I was even close to an open computer was when I was told by two people to stand on the opposite side of the room so I couldn’t accidentally kill something. I’m not atrociously accident prone (most days) and just assumed I was to henceforth keep my hands away from anything that resemble technology more advance than my iPod and Kindle.

No. Corsair decided I was going to build it, and build it fast if I wanted any chance to win. Somehow, but the grace of msleeper I managed to gut my case, transplant the comp organs and get my computer running. Yes, it had to turn on and post, and we did just that. Through pointing and calm concise commands msleeper got me through that build faster than the other guy.

Yes, I beat the boy. Yes, he got his butt kicked by a girl. Passersby who missed the competition asked who won and were told “The Girl”. I was excited when I won, since to be honest I thought I was toast. I just feel bad for the guy whose friends will never let him live down the fact that he was beaten by a girl. I feel bad, but not badly enough to lose and let him have the winning perks, like the speakers, the liquid cooling and the power supply. Oh no.

There will eventually be video of this somewhere. They recorded the whole build, so once I get it I will post it. I’m interested to watch it and to know how long I managed to do the whole build in.

I now have a pretty case (which eats my desk) with my crap-tastic computer guts in it…upgrades to follow. I didn’t break my computer and f7 definitely won the LAN.

what my desk looks like now…stillmessy but with a much cuter case.

Also, I must say that the whole build was fun, I liked it, and the guy I beat was such a good sport, and Corsair were dolls for everything they donated to give out for prizes. The LAN was definitely Epic, and was an amazing prelude to today (May 30th) which is my birthday!

Even if I did have to build the computer myself, thanks Corsair for the birthday presents ^_^.

Hopefully the video goes up soon. Next blog…I may be ranting about Lady Gaga’s new cd that I am trying to enjoy and finding it difficult to do so. Until then, I will play with my new tech and save money for the obvious upgrades I need >_<.

Peace, love and brains!!!


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