The Hunger Games

I am unclear as to why I did not read this series sooner. My old roomie loved them, I heard nothing but raves reviews, but I guess there was just not as much talk about this series than others and I forgot about them entirely.

This was a grave error on my part.

I am not sure what finally moved me to read them. I was given a Kindle for graduation and I was just looking for things to read, and when I happened across The Hunger Games, I just went for it.

The series is comprise of three books, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.

In the change that you did not click any of the handy links I provided you, The Hunger Games is a tale of a dystopian near future of a world very similar to ours, in which a Capitol punishes it’s surrounding districts for a previous rebellion by making them each give one male and one female child between the ages of 12-18 to the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are an all out battle to the death between the 24 tributes from the districts. The winner is provided with money and supplies to live out the rest of their previously starving and deprived lives. The losers…well they’re dead. Kind of like the asian flick/book, Battle Royale…only there was less starving in BR, but just as much devious government. (You should see the movie incidentally…it’s pretty awesome).

The first installment covers Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old girl who almost solely takes care of her mother and sister, and her up to and through the games. It isn’t a shock to tell you Katniss survives, with three books in the series you could figure that out for yourself anf there are far more surprises larger than that.

The second book covers Katniss’ victory tour and the start of seeing the repercussions of her actions from the first games. I don’t want to give spoilers because it was delicious fun to watch (read) the whole thing unfold. Things go down, surprises happen, shit hits the fan. It gets insane. It ends with a bang.

The third and final covers Katniss trying endlessly to cope with everything that has led up to where she currently is, where I cannot tell you because, you know, spoilers and such. She goes through some things that are just as bad as the games and shit goes down. Big time. Big Time. She makes a decision near the end of the book that made me want to clap and cheer despite it being a book.

So the romance aspect of the books seems forced occasionally, but makes up for it near the end of the series I feel. Things come together that make the romance finally believable and real.

The description of the games is wonderful and are well done to the point where the reader can start stressing. I certainly did at points. The characters involved are certainly interesting. At times, Katniss can be annoying, but when thinking about how you would feel when thrown in to her position, I can definitely agree with some of it. Lord knows I would be a gigantic whiny bitch too.

Now a lot of the reviews I read for this series haled the first book as genius and liked the second and third but considered them less epic by far. I happen to disagree, this might be because instead of reading these books years apart and building up intense expectations of the books, I read them in succession in a few short days. To me they fit together into one epic and I am glad I experienced it that way. As a whole the series was EPIC. The writing was easy yet not simplistic and Collins did a wonderful job with imagery and story weaving. I definitely wanted to keep reading more to see what happened next. I’ll admit that part of the way into the third one went slowly for me, but after three straight days of reading the series I think it was more to do with my eyes being tired than it being early in the book and not quite into the plot yet. I will say this though, when Collins gets going she will not let you leave.  The woman is relentless and I love it.

Excitingly, The Hunger Games is becoming a movie! I would link you, but all I could give you right now is the IMDB, which is unnecessary unless you want the cast names. I’m excited, it should release next year, and I hope the series goes bigger than Twilight because The Hunger Games was actually worth reading and gushing over.

I would probably consider these books young adult, because I think that was their original intended audience, and that is roughly the age of the main characters through out most of the series. However, I think older ages would enjoy it more considering the graphic nature of the games and the constant increasing death toll. I certainly don’t see anyone younger than 15 reading this, but I think it can go the Harry Potter route and appeal to adults just as much, if not more.

If you are looking for something intense and entertaining, I say definitely go for The Hunger Games. I loved them far more than I expected. I know it’s a concept that has been done many a time before, but it was executed in a wonderful fashion.

Seriously…go read them now.


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