Graduation Etc

This past weekend was dreadfully busy. My significant other’s graduation was Friday night, Mine was Saturday, and my classmates took over my apartment Sunday (OMG I still have so many hotdogs left over…how I now loathe hotdogs…loathe). Between all of that I had to clean the apartment, make myself presentable, remove the cat hair from any dress clothing (harder than it sounds) and manage to sleep.

The parents, myself, and the boyfriend

Emilie, me, Kayla, Chelsey

I am STILL tired.

I need a nap.


Although to be fair ever since I cleared everyone out of my apartment Sunday night I have been reading non-stop. My mom bought me a Kindle as a graduation present and I have the three Hunger Games books and I have finished all but the last one already, which I am 26% through so far according to my Kindle.
I’ll finish it tonight I’m sure.

I’ve been liking them though. An old roomie of mine was going to let me borrow her copies but we moved apart before that happened so I just got to them and while I’m sad I waited this long to read them, I am glad since I have been devouring the poor things. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend that you do so when you get a chance.

I have no news on UF yet. I have scheduled my final updated transcript to be sent out as soon as I officially have my degree on file with the school. I also still have to do the exit loan interview, so I’m wondering if they are waiting for me to finish that. Geez I hate those things. Obviously doing them for one college wasn’t enough, although I guess I should get used to it since I applied to grad school and will likely have to do them again if I am accepted.

Cross your fingers for me though, I didn’t screw up my grades this semester (as slightly anticipated with the slightly rigorous paper nazi teachers I had) and I even graduated with Honors and a minor, so hopefully that as well as my not failing GPA and the fact that I now have TWO degrees will get me in to the program. One can hope at any rate.

Alright, enough distraction, time to finish Mockingjay, I’ll write more about the series later.


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