Two Down, One To Go?

As of today I have taken my last class as an undergraduate…again. My second undergraduate is complete as far as classes go. All of my research papers have been handed in, and I am preparing for exams.

Graduation is May 14th.

I am excited and petrified beyond belief. At least the first time I graduated from college (Oh ECU how I’m not sure if I miss you?) I knew that I was accepted to N.C. State to work on my second Bachelors. Now I wait not so patiently at all to find out if the University of Florida will accept me to their Masters of Science in Forensic Science program.

I definitely want to get in. There is no apprehension about whether I really want to go to grad school or not, I’m so excited about the prospect of this program that I am in no way stressed about 2 more years of school.

Here’s to hoping that I get in and that I find out soon to save my psyche the mental stress!!

Something else I feel I should mention is how this past year (and semester) have been completely life-altering.
At ECU I met my boyfriend and I met great people through him. I still love them but they were art people and I was a bio-girl so there were inherent differences…mainly in scheduling ^_^.
Also the boyfriend was the only study partner I had to vent school aggressions too. He supported me and I don’t think he knows how much he helped keep me sane as we finished up our degrees.

At State, I knew NO ONE. My first year(last year) was virtually devoid of contact with people that actually lived in the city. But this very year, class mates and I recognized each other as fellows and decided to band together for solidarity. Then some of us actually became friends. And then a group of close solid friends emerged and the relief of finding other females with joint interests who were not catty insane jerks (ok so we’re all insane but in a fun way). Finding a girl that doesn’t fun away when you say “Hey I like dead things” is rare, but then one who shakes your hand and says “Me too!” is even more rare, and that much more awesome.

I am actually sad at the thought of graduation because that means I will not get to see my BABs (Bio-Arch Betches ^_^) on a daily basis anymore. No more ridiculous lunches where we can’t decide where we want to eat. No more afternoon margaritas with endless free refills. No more “OMG I love Dr.Ross” conversations. No more running in the rain. No more awkward conversations where you suddenly realize you are not the only people in the room and you were talking about something VASTLY inappropriate. Half of us are graduating this May and the other half next May.

There are 8 of us. Yes, a group of 8 girls that get along  almost every single moment they are together. No drama, No bullshit, Just a lovely support group of insanity. Every BAB is insane and bright and unique in her own way. We all play with dead things on a regular basis.

And get this…every single one (despite appearances) is absolutely brilliant. We definitely do not act like it though. Yea….No.

I’m going to miss my ladies. On the bright side, we are all pursuing slightly different fields so we have created a nice little network of future researchers and people who can help get mess done when we can’t do it ourselves. We are the next adorable generation of Bones, NCIS, CSI and Dexter put together.

Now I’m sad…lame. At least we all get to see Harry Potter together…that’s a life bond right there ^_^

Time to go listen to some techno and dance around the room serenading my dog with made up lyrics about…whatever.

All I can say is that future BABs get-togethers are going to be insane….


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  1. emilie
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 00:42:19

    this post made my eyes water real bad =( i dont think it counts as crying if they don’t fall out though, but it was close! long live the BAB’s!!!!


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