Why hello there Tornado!

In case you were unaware, there has been a horrendous storm making it’s way through parts of the U.S. Well yesterday it decided to cruise through my little part of the country.

This storm has been causing problems and devastation for days and yesterday it travelled through several South Eastern and Eastern Coastal states. The closes I have ever been to a tornado before this point was during a storm at my parent’s home where a mini-twister landed close to the house, blowing trees in a charateristic swirled pattern.
Incidentally I slept through that event.

I did not sleep through yesterday. My boyfriend and I threw a mattress and some water/snack supplies in our downstairs bathroom, just in case. His parents live about 15-20 minutes from my college apartment and they called once it was practically on them. We held up in the bathroom for probably an hour or so. The power flashed on and off several times, so I’m not sure how long we were in there. Of course the power decided to stay out the last time it went out, which was AFTER THE STORM PASSED.
(BTW storm thanks for knocking out power and very briefly my cell tower so that my Mom nearly had a panic attack when she couldn’t reach me >_<)

In the bathroom we played on the laptop, played with the cats, joked and listened to Greg Fishel on the radio. Pretty uneventful, thankfully.

It wasn’t until after we got out of the bathroom and into the out side world that we realized how frickin lucky our “uneventful” was. The tornado touched down around Apex, NC (by his parent’s) and traveled in little hops over 96 miles, into Virginia. It’s path crossed right over the street I live on, less than half a mile from my apartment.  There isn’t much damage near my apartment really. We were lucky it passed us as it was hopping over and my neighborhood as well as campus are relatively unharmed.

Unfortunately other places weren’t so lucky. Not even an hour away trailer homes were trashed beyond repair (several children are still missing) and a Lowes Home Improvement Store (pictured below) was severely damaged as the twister ripped the roof from the building. Luckily in that case no one in the store at the time was seriously injured.

The entire thing was crazy and people are dead and missing, but all in all the damage to life and property could have been a lot worse than they were.

Apparently this was the biggest Tornado (well…tornado cluster since there were ab 60-70 in the storm) since 1986 (the year I was born thank you).

I would complain that I hardly finished any of my work on my project because of this, but I’m really just glad that it wasn’t worse than it was.


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