Voldenae takes on League of Legends

Allow me to start out with a grain of truth here. I have never played League of Legends before, and to make it worse, I have never played an RTS (real time strategy) game before. My significant other is rather obsessed with Starcraft (I and II) and plays them frequently.

Normally people stay within their comfort zones with gaming, whether they be FPS, RPG, RTS, etc. I am very much an RPG girl and starting to get into the FPS genre. What made me want to play you ask?

Three very simple reasons:
1. It’s a free to play game. Anything free is cool with me, so why not at least try it out? If I hate it then I lost nothing monetarily.
2. There is a character my boyfriend showed me named Annie. She is a little girl with a giant teddy bear. It’s a crap reason, but having a character like that available as a playable choice peaked my interest.
3. My boyfriend told me I would suck at it and hate it. Regardless of the fact that I almost certainly WILL suck at it, I may not hate it.  Only playing will tell and I’ll be damned if someone gets to make that choice for me. Will I hate it? No idea. Will I ever admit to him if I do hate it? Nope.

Hopefully I will enjoy it though. I would love to put my full support behind a free game and a company trying to do great things.

And thus…my trek in the world of free RTS begins…

So I started up as a beginner since obviously I have never played at RTS. The tutorial is friendly and helpful, breaking down miniscule things that I would not have known had I not watched my boyfriend plat frequently. After the tutorial there is a trial battle, and I did decently in that.

I decided to be gutsy and go straight in to a game. It was all beginners against bots and we got steamrolled. I completely expected this so I was not shocked by our defeat. What I was shocked by was my team mates blatant disregard for the fact that we were on a team.

Now I have this issue with any game where I am forced to play with other people. Since I generally stick to my gaming community, I generally have people watching my back and whom I watch theirs. I tried to follow my teamies around to stick by them, I tried…and they got me killed. Thanks bros.

I suck at this game so far, but for it being my first day I’m not upset. I liked it and I’m going to keep trying it out.

I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. Bob
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 21:38:35

    Good on you for jumping right in with both feet. Who knows you may excel at this genre of rpg. I never seem to have enough free time to dedicate to gaming so I have to stick to the pretty simple stuff.

    Oh and just for you I upped a new post concerning the new season of Doctor Who. Complete with trailer right from the BBC.



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