Girl Revenge Movie Fest

So it was absolutely accidental that I had what I like to call The Girl Revenge Movie Fest this weekend. In a previous entry I remarked on how I wanted to watch I Spit On Your Grave since it had been remade and I was curious.  I didn’t watch the original until Friday because my Dad wanted to see it.  After finishing the movie I immediately watched the remake. While I know there are some absolute die hard fans of the original, I absolutely loved the remake. In both you have the brutalized writer seeking revenge for some pretty heinous acts enacted upon her by some less than friendly blokes. I expected more gore from the second, and while the acts done to her, and later by her and more gruesome, there isn’t much gore per se.  Either way, I enjoyed them. It made me feel good in a very twisted sense that a victim FINALLY shut their face and decided to buck up. I know the events are highly unrealistic, but as a female, it grates my nerves to NO END when the female is helpless and can’t defend herself. While in these movies, the lady unfortunately learns a little to late, she does learn and gets a little creative revenge.

If you are a guy and watch this, 1) I’m sorry, prepare to cringe….a lot, 2) I am going to assume you are a fine upstanding gentleman and would never do things like these to earn this kind of punishment.

It was crazy, wrong, fun, and I loved it.  Yes oh yes I did.

The other half of this Girl Revenge Movie Fest, and the main attraction of this entry, is Sucker Punch

I had no expectations going in to this movie. I wasn’t even going to see it in theaters. I cared not one bit. Probably because class has had me so busy with papers that I have been trying desperately to avoid getting in to things that I might get attached to. However, my Mom really wanted to go see it, and I wasn’t doing anything, so I was in no mood to argue.

I was blown away. I’m not going to suggest that this is the best movie ever, or that it’s incredibly deep and life altering. It isn’t, nor was it ever intended to be. It was fun, creative, shocking, and randomly thought provoking in places. The graphics were GORGEOUS (I actually read a review someone wrote that said they were shitty….were they watching the movie?) and the costumes were fun. Obviously I am not a girl that gets pissy over girls in cute outfits and accusing the director of sexism, but after looking up reviews, it didn’t seem like other people were taking that boat either, for which I was glad since I didn’t think it came across as secretly anti-female.

Now, critics HATED this movie with a fiery passion. Hated. I was afraid of this movie. But I loved it and critics need to seriously consider the audience this was intended for when they watch new movies. I understand that a movie is supposed to be able to appeal to anyone and everyone, but some movies are clearly for selected audiences. If you are a gamer, a nerd, a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, then this movie will more than likely be up your alley.  If not…then this movie is more than likely not for you and in that case don’t waste your money. Seems like a smart idea to me. I read reviews in which people left the theater…left. Now, I know that as a broke and in debt college girl I am against wasting money, so if I pay for a movie I will sure as hell watch the whole thing. I know others don’t have this mentality. But seriously why bother going to see something if you are just going to leave…ugh.

Cute girls, awesome cg, nazi-zombies, giant samurai, gravity defying stunts and costumes, a kick-ass soundtrack, mechs, dragons and apocalypse proof make-up, what is there not to like?

Ok well in my case what’s not to like? ^_^

If you think it’s your thing, then I say absolutely GO SEE IT. If you suspect that it isn’t, then you may be right and unless you are feeling adventurous, then leave it be. As much as I love this movie, I’d rather people who are going to enjoy it watch it rather than other people suffer through it and give it a bad wrap.

I think I might go see it again tomorrow…..


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