People Scare Me

Someone just showed my boyfriend a video of something that shocked them.  In this video, a girl was calling people together to pray for God to open the eyes of Atheists everywhere. Ok, this is fine.

Her follow up was that the last time they did this, two days later God shook Japan.

I nearly choked on my salad.  Really?

She was rejoicing at this catastrophic event and asking more people to join her again.

I have a hard time believing any one could see the events as anything other than tragic, and her joyous outcries over it made me lose any appetite I had.  I understand that Old Testament God was much more hardcore in his actions than today, but I have an exceptionally difficult time believing that God would do something to harm and kill so many people.

I can understand being placed in seemingly impossible situations where he leads you to discover that you can overcome adversity.  I cannot understand out right killing.  Who would want to believe in a God that would do that?

As always, some over-zealous religious fanatic has scared me yet again.  Is there really any question as to why I feel the way I avoid religion after people act this way?


I feel that even with my bias here (I have a very close and dear friend, and several other friends, in Japan) that my disgust is founded. And yes I know not all people who are religious are like this.  I’m all for you practicing your faith but do not use it as a reason to harm people, that’s all I’m saying.


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