Conflict of Interest

So a friend recently told me that I was sending a horrible message to people as I am a female gunning for the Pittsburgh Steeler’s in this year’s Superbowl.  After much debate the brunt of the argument came down to the fact that the Quarterback Ben Rothlesburger had been accused of two accounts of sexual related insults in the past few years.  I kindly replied that while I happened to have a Roflmao Jersey (as my bf lovingly calls it) my favorite player was Troy Polamalu and seeing as how he did nothing wrong I felt the withdrawal of my support was rather uncalled for and that he was overreacting.

See, my family are Steeler’s people, I’ve grown up with the very limited knowledge I have of American Football being centered around the Steeler’s, and as I do adore several people on the team I continue the tradition.  I mean we buried my Grandfather in his Steeler’s shirt for goodness sake, that should tell you something.  Steeler’s are as much a team as they are a family emblem to me.  One mans indiscretion is not going to change that.

Now I feel the need to rant about something, and please do not take this as blind support for Rothlesburger, I just have something I feel needs to be said.

Celebrities are people, just like everyone else, and they commit crimes and do dumb things, just like everyone else.  However, for a while there it didn’t seem like you could turn on the tv without hearing about some celebrity cheating on their significant other (Whether this constitutes cheating, taking advantage of someone else, or getting a prostitute, not a lovely lumping together, sorry).  And it wasn’t just one woman, oh no it would be a plethora of them.  I feel like this achieved the wrong impression.  Instead of raising awareness for women’s rights, it seems it was only encouraging skeezy women to accuse other guys of having slept with them as well.  Normally if a woman calls someone out like that I am inclined to believe them, but it was pretty ridiculous there for a while and the ladies weren’t being too smoothe as to not give away their gold-digging agendas.
I’m not trying to equate cheating and attempted rape, but some people were crying the “R” word a little too casually.
I don’t think rape or sexual molestation is ever something to joke about, if you accuse someone of that you need to mean it. Crying Rape when that wasn’t the case just demeans the claims of the thousands of other individuals who are subject to it everyday.

The point of this rant? Most of the cases were situations where they cannot be proven, so taking the victim’s word to be safe is a good route to take.  But with everything going on, I seriously don’t doubt that some broke person somewhere wouldn’t find a celebrity, hit on them, get them interested, and later cry foul on them.  Now someone with repeat accounts is clearly getting himself in trouble (ahem Ben that’s you I’m taking about). Do I think he actually did something? No idea, if he did he better get his ass in gear and quit that shit, like yesterday.  If he didn’t, he needs to stop getting himself in hinky situations.

People need to quit trying to take advantage of other people, in whatever situation.  Seriously, how about a little Love here folks?


Ugh, I’m over it now.  I’ll talk about something less heavy next time!



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  1. Bob
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 06:38:59

    Sorry bout your Steelers loss in the big game last night. It’s just a game people, it’s not like she was cheering for Rothlesberger personally just the brand he plays for. All fair from where I am sitting.

    There are rapists and murderers everywhere in society, at the bank you use, at the grocery store where you shop for your food. I am not condoning the act but we have to draw the line somewhere between personal failure and team loyalty.


    • Voldenae
      Feb 07, 2011 @ 17:03:14

      Yea, that’s why I thought the freak out was a little immature. I’m glad other people feel the same way I do.

      And yea, bummer Steelers didn’t win, but I still like the Packers anyway and they proved to Bret Favre that they didn’t need him so it was kinda win win either way, I’m ok with it.


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