Hilarity, It Ensues

So a friend of mine from school (wow I feel like I’m in Middle School all over again *cringe*) has started a blog based on posts she has seen from dating sites.  It’s pretty entertaining and can definitely give you a giggle to get you out of a funk.  I recommend it, it’s wonderfully named Now With 100% More Possum, which really only serves it make it that much more hilarious.

You can find her blog by clicking the convenient link I posted, or by looking in my ever expanding and much loved (by me at least) blogroll.

Bare in mind, this is one of the ladies I joke about dead things with, so our sense of humor is delicious awkward at times and makes our entire section of the classroom try really hard not to giggle out loud during lecture.
*Incidentally one should try to not burst into laughter when the professor says “Well I mean here’s the thing with dead children, they’re dead for a reason”, while the whole class might be stifling laughter from this one it hardly looks professional and ah who am I kidding the professor laughed too.


While I’m at it, one last bit of Anthropological humor for the day:


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m out.  Regular posts resuming on…when I have time (Why classwork WHY!?!?!?)


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