Stop Making Me Laugh/Cry!!!

I don’t like crying.  At all.  In fact I hate it and I rarely ever do it because I don’t much see a point.  I do like laughing though, quite a bit.  Something that I do kind of like though, is when a show can make me cry.  I take it as a sign that the show is done well enough that I have become emotionally invested to the point where it is possible for me to cry.  What I appreciate even more are shows that make me cry and just when I feel like I’m too upset to bother with the show for the rest of the episode, they make me laugh, harder than they’ve made me laugh before.

I bring this up because I am currently watching the end of the second season of Skins.  Seriously, for a series that I took a wild chance on based off of random things I saw on tumblr, I have fallen in love with it oddly enough (it isn’t my typical type of show) and with the characters and I am sad that they are going to be gone when I start up season three.  Not to mention that the last two episodes are heart wrenching and the last one makes you laugh and cry like a bipolar person taking uppers and downers.
I can’t take it.  It’s over.  I am devastated.  Now I must watch season 3.
I have heard tell of a movie and I believe it involves the original cast, which would be lovely since there are still a few things I would like answered, or at least followed through.

A bit of a derail…can I just mention that while I love love love British tv shows, I am spoiled by American tv where seasons can run up to 24 episodes long.  Having only 8-12 for any given season of a British show almost kills me because they are so good that I want more from them!!  /end rant

Another show that continually made me laugh and cry was Scrubs.  Scrubs is one of my favorite shows ever.  I do mean ever.  I went to a community college for two years before transferring to a large University and even though I roomed with a close friend, my first year was difficult to handle at times.  Instead of going nuts and doing something stupid, or needing a counselor, I did a little self therapy and watched Scrubs.  Scrubs was starting its fifth season at the time and I spent many a night watching Scrubs until 5 am laughing and crying away my fears and pains.
I hold that Scrubs was my saving grace that first year at ECU and now when I am in the dumps I break out the dvds and have at it until everything is better.
My boyfriend is applying to Med School, I keep telling him that if he gets in he has to find a person to attach to and they can be Turk and JD.  It’s funny for me.

I’ll be honest though, the official end of Scrubs, the finale of Season 8 (they have Scrubs Med School now, but it sadly lacks the flair of Scrubs) tore me to pieces.  I laughed and cried…at the same time…for most of the episode.  Seriously.  Would I watch it again?  In a frickin heart beat.

With that I will leave you again with my ridiculous opinion based rants on tv shows.  Maybe one day soon I’ll post something that isn’t about tv shows.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 16:26:14

    Never really got into scrubs. Should I cry over that?


    • Voldenae
      Jan 26, 2011 @ 11:26:15

      Maybe, however if it isn’t your cup of tea I can hardly demand that you feel the same way about it that I do. My parent’s to this day still don’t get my love for it despite putting up with my watching it whenever it’s on when I visit.
      I’m sure there are things you watch that I wouldn’t be all that excited about, it happens, lol.


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