A bit of catching up…

So in my last blog I was talking about British tele and how I feel I might be falling in love with it more than I am with American tv.

Well since then a few things have updated about a few of the shows I mentioned.

I spoke briefly of Being Human as I had not seen much of the original (which I plan to rectify soon) and only saw a bit of the first episode of the U.S. remake.  I was still apprehensive about the whole ordeal but thanks to a lovely article by Sally from Nerd Girl Pinups I feel a little less worried and am considering adding the show to my hulu queue.

You can find the article Sally wrote Here.  She talks about her chance to get to view it ahead of time and even gets to pose a question to the actors in the American version that I really appreciate.

Skins UK Skins US

The other show I wanted to update about is Skins.  This show has run for 4 (and is starting it’s 5th I believe) seasons successfully in the UK, however with only one episode aired in the U.S. it’s causing controversy that makes me wonder if it will get a second season.  Obviously the laws and ages of restrictions are slightly different between the two, however, America has decided to use age appropriate actors and that is causing one hell of a fuss in the American media.  While I am reasonably certain that the show would have caused controversy for portrayal of underage drinking/drug use/sex, the actual use of minors is causing advertisers to back out and at some point someone was even trying to cry out “Child Porn” because of it. (I have mixed emotions here because while I do not in any way condone the mistreatment of minors in any form, I have seen the British version which will probably be less prudish that the American version so I think that an accusation of Child porn might be a bit excessive)

Already my previous concerns for the show misrepresenting what I felt was being portrayed by the original feel founded.  Then again there is only one episode released and I didn’t feel like the point of the original until I was several episodes in, so maybe this is running the same course.  I can hope.  I do feel like unless it gains an overwhelming response (a positive response that is) that it may be a short-lived show that will have us fans still adoring and watching the original.

On a sad note, I am almost done with season 2 of Skins, which means that in the next season I am greeted by a new cast.  I have mixed feelings about it, while I trust the show to keep me entertained, I will miss the first group, they make me happy in their dysfunctional love for one another.  I also have to say, if you as a parent feel that Skins is far to scandalous and inappropriate for your children then DO NOT LET THEM WATCH IT! It’s called parenting people, try it some time.

On a happy note, my Hulu queue will have plenty to fill it with these new shows.

Random note…anyone been watching The Cape?  I caught the pilot and enjoyed it (call it my love of circus carnies and Summer Glau) but haven’t had time to catch up.  Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

What say you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 22:01:53

    I haven’t seen the new US version of Being Human yet, although strange that you should mention the write up in NGP today I read that very same review.

    So I guess, I’ll have to see if I can fit the new version into my busy schedule.

    I did catch a bit of The Cape the other week, not bad for a pilot, I just hope they can keep a fair balance between fantasy and reality. Believable and fun!


    • Voldenae
      Jan 24, 2011 @ 22:11:21

      I think Sally did a nice job in reviewing the show and peaking the interest.
      I don’t think I’ll ever catch the show when it airs but I’ll definitely watch it on Hulu during my own time.

      I need to catch up with The Cape but I felt like the first episode was a decent balance between fantasy and reality so I hope that continues throughout the series.


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