British Tele

So several friends and myself have long ago noticed the fact that British television often plays some pretty epic shows that while those of us in the U.S might be able to see, we cannot necessarily replicate (nor should we).

A few of examples would be Doctor Who (which I rave on and on about lately I know, but with reason), Skins, and Being Human.

Doctor Who

I wont rant more on Doctor Who since I’ve written a lot about it lately.  Suffice to say that DW is an amazing show and there would never be any need for this show to undergo replication by a different company.  Ever.  It has proven this as it has a large North American fan base that support it and there have been no nasty rumors about an American remake. Such is not the case of other shows.


Skins is another British show that I have started watching recently.  The show centers around a group of friends in their Sixth form, and the cast changes out every two years as the students graduate and move on.  I haven’t seen much past the first season yet, but for watching it on a whim, I think that while the show was no where near what I expected, it’s hilarious and enlightening.  In a refreshing fashion, british television does not fear race, gender, or sexual orientation questions.  The show may be geared for a crowd in high school or early college, but I’m entertained by it.  Some times things get super wild, or crazy parties out break, but the overall message of the show is a lot more touching than most television now days.  Now, I have mixed feelings on this, but Mtv is doing an American version of this show which I can’t decide if I’m excited about or not.  The show is good enough in itself that I don’t think merits a remake.  Also I don’t think it will be a good, and seeing an American tv is often not as liberal as british television, I feel like part of the intent and tone of the show will be lost in a sea of partying and drug use.  Then again, I could be wrong.

Being Human

Being Human is a show I found out about after I was watching True Blood for a while.  I haven’t seen too much of it, but I am enjoying it so far.  This is another show that is now getting remade for the American audience, which I also feel is unnecessary.

My opinion may be based on the fact that I happen to watch a lot of foreign films as well as tv shows that aren’t American so I happen to feel like many things should be appreciated as they are (cough cough The Ring, Let The Right One In).  I am also unwilling to believe that the American audience is so dull and dumb that it can’t appreciate something from a foreign country that hasn’t been re-vamped to include all the little American nuances, but I may be wrong on that as well, lol.

Seriously, American tv has some amazing shows, but so does British tele and I think that I’ll just watch the good original versions of the shows, kthxbai

(resuming non-rantiness soon, promise)


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  1. Bob
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 17:22:38

    Up here in Canada we get a great deal of programming uncut from the UK.
    Most of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s can list the wealth of great shows that dotted our 3 channel universe.

    Take for example a Being Human which I believe is being aired on Space here in Canada. I actually think that they will be showing both versions of the program as soon as the US version comes out. But don’t quote me on that one.

    Dr. Who is another good example. This season only lags slightly behind the original UK air dates and the Christmas special was actually shown here on time during the holidays.

    The best way I find to get my Brit Fix is to simply download them from the web. Various outlets are available to those savvy enough to know where to look. Mostly uncut and commercial free!


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