Doctor Who

Rose Tyler and The Doctor

So I have been watching a ton of Doctor Who lately.

I had been avoiding the series as a whole for quite a while since I knew that once I started watching it I would have no urge to stop.  Seeing as BBC America chose to showcase day long marathons on both Christmas and New Year’s Day, I obviously became hooked.

I’ve been on Winter break this week so I’ve had plenty of time.  Thus,  have been watching a ton of Doctor Who lately.

I have gone through four seasons already and have started on the fifth.  Through scientific (^_^) study I have discovered that while I adore each Doctor in turn, David Tennant is my favorite.  It happens.

Seeing as I need to stop ignoring my blog, I decided the Doctor was the perfect way to revive it since I’m currently obsessed.  Due to technical difficulties I am not yet half way through the fifth season, so maybe my opinion of my favorite Doctor will change although I highly doubt it will.

The series over all is pretty fulfilling for a nerdy science girl.  I love catching small call backs in the episodes and the plot lines actually keep me entertained, so over all I vote the series as well worth the time I spent this week watching it.

….I don’t want classes to start, they are seriously going to crimp my Doctor Who viewing time.


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  1. Bob
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 12:07:03

    If this is your first exposure to The Dr you have a great amount of viewing to do.
    Dr. Who is the longest running Sci-Fi series in history, spanning some 40 years of almost continuous production. Although this latest incarnation is listed as season 5 it is really nothing more than a “re-imagining” and continuation of the old BBC series.

    I must admit I was a fan of the old program and it’s cheesy special effects but this new series has me hooked, once again. Like you I am a David Tennant booster, his tenure as the Dr was incredible. It’s taking me some time to get into the Matt Smith character.

    You may want to look into downloading some of the original episodes from the web, don’t expect much in the way of production value, but the story lines are just as gripping as the ones they produce now.

    I do have a little song and dance number on my site that was cut out of Late Night with Craig Ferguson. It’s goofy as all hell but if you like the Dr. it’s worth checking out.



    • Voldenae
      Jan 09, 2011 @ 14:29:23

      Thanks for the comment and yes I am well aware that I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a friend named Adric (His parents were DW fans as well) who has all of the older series and is going to let me borrow it, I’ve just been trying to catch up to the current episodes so that I don’t accidentally catch spoilers on the internet from my friends.

      It’s rather sad that it took me this long to watch it since the show started the same year my Mom was born and she grew up watching it and told me about it constantly.

      One thing I’m annoyed with are the Season listings though. While this is Season 5 of the revival, its closer to the upper 30s really if I’m correct? I wish they would go with the original season numbers although it doesn’t seem to bother others so I suppose it isn’t that big of a deal.

      And thanks for the link, Craig Ferguson cracks me up!


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