I’m a few weeks behind on some of the things I would have liked to post, but I figure I’ll work them all in one at a time instead of a huge mass blog.

My current addiction is FFXIII.  Or at least it was until my ps3 stopped reading disks.  Still does everything else, just wont read disks, luckily, Sony is being a doll and repairing it for me right quick and in a hurry even though I have the original ps3 that is no longer in prodcution, not the new slim version.

(I had to keep downsizing the picture to make it actually show up in the blog…sorry for the reduction in epicness)

I was worried about this Final Fantasy.  XII was ok, but not epic like many of it’s predecessors and the combat system kept you very disjointed from the game because if you set everything up correctly, you shouldn’t need to do too much.

This was sad because personally I want to take part of the epic combat, not just watch it.   Also, some of the characters weren’t as dynamic as previous ones and you didn’t feel for them as much as some of the classic favorites.
I think this put a lot of people off the series because it was unsatisfying for a good many.

XII left me apprehensive to XIII even though it looked gorgeous every where I had seen it.  It released in Japan half a year before the U.S. got it, and it had decent reviews there, but the closer the release date came to the U.S. the more horrible reviews I heard from American game reviewers.
It was all very disheartening to have a semi-letdown of a game and then wait eagerly for years for the next one and figure it’s just going to be a flop.

I didn’t even get to play it the week it came out as I had a huge test to study for and felt I would avoid the test in lieu of the game.  So a week I waited and heard MORE horrible reviews.  Pretty much by time I bought and unwrapped my game I was sure I was going to hate every minute of the newest game in my favorite series.

I rolled my test, got back to my apartment, popped the game in, and had my mind BLOWN.

Seriously…the game is Epic.  I was so confused by the horrid reviews and the longer I played the more I figured it out.  All of the reviewers who had advanced copies to hurry up and get their reviews out only played a few hours of the game.  They were in such a rush to get a review out about it that they ignored the fact that it was a Final Fantasy game.  One that is over 60 hours long.  Not a game you beat in 12 hours.  The first third of the game has you bouncing between characters and learning things about them.  Building back story in an enjoyable way.  After this then the normal party control re-establishes and you can change your party around willy-nilly.  But they didn’t get that far.  They played a few hours, expecting it to be like Bayonetta or God of War III (both of which I LOVE, don’t get me wrong).  You can beat those games in a few days.  You cannot beat a Final Fantasy game quickly.  It isn’t designed that way.
And all the people who reviewed it and going to be sad they didn’t invest the time in it to appreciate it.  It’s a gorgeous gorgeous game and the battle system is pretty amazing.
I always worry with every new FF game if I am going to be able to grasp the battle system quickly and work it properly and was terrified by all the videos I saw of game ply because I thought it would be too complex.  The battle system however, is a complete pleasure.  It’s one I love more than any other system implemented thus far, and I hope they continue with as it was truly fun to use as well.

Sadly I am only half way through the game and I can’t continue until I get my ps3 back from Sony, but so far this game has made up for everything that FFXII fell short of and has been deeply satisfying to play.
It’s also fun enough to watch, which is a huge plus since I’ve had to trade off with my boyfriend.

To all the poor reviews out there…wtf?  Have a little patience and go enjoy a good game.

And look at me, being a good nerd girl and not even complaining about the fact that it was on the xbox 360 as well…

I give FFXIII an Epic Win for making a beautiful fun game and restoring my faith in the series.


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  1. wendy
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 02:59:18

    i totally agree with you, its an epic game, and enjoyed the storys for each character and learning to play each one too!! so now changing them for battles is awesome, and the battles are so cool, especially throwing the guys in the air, and slice and dicing them!!! diffinitely a game to partake in!!!!!!!!!


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