So Bayonetta.

I tried to hate you…I did.  Then I started playing your game and I couldn’t quit you.

lol.  Ok it’s true though.  As a gamer girl I undergo enough of the questioning of cliché things about my nerdy identity.  I try to rebel against “girlie” things because not only do they genuinely not interest me, but it’s just rude because I know more guys into girlie things that I do actual girls.
When Bayonetta was being advertised, every rebellious and malicious bone in my body (206 of them to be exact, all of which I can name BOOYA) hated this game with the fire of a thousand and one suns.  That’s right…one more than necessary.
Boredom makes us do horrific things…such as download the free demo one day and play it and love and keep replaying it while trying to figure out how I’m supposed to explain this to my boyfriend.  (Later he played it and shared the same sentiment so I dodged that bullet…whew)

All the same I should have known better.  I loved the Devil May Cry games and seeing as it was the same creator, I should have known.  I forked over the money for the game, and while I balk at game prices now-a-days, it was worth it to me.
Every awe-inspired rage filled moment.
The graphics were gorgeous, the game play was fun even though for whatever reason some of my camera settings would never change when I tried to alter them, and while some fights made me want to rip out my hair, tear my controller to shreds with my bare hands and force feed it to the monster piece by plastic-y piece, I really enjoyed it over all.  The plot was better than I expected and I laughed at a lot of things that happened because they were just FUN.  Also, I can’t harp enough on it, it was GORGEOUS, and seeing as I know how much work goes into all that, I appreciate it more and more when I see beautiful games.
I did not love the forever and a frickin day loading screens.  Sure it’s fun to practice your move, but when you die ten times in a row to some redonkulously OP boss…and you will, the loading makes you rage more than the unfairness of the fight.  (Then again I’ve heard rumor that my atrocious loading time had to do with my playing it on the PS3.  Seeing as I do not in any way regret having a PS3 over a 360, I don’t care much.  My games are prettier.)
Also some things were just corny…like some of the angels having horrid cliché names that made me want to smack the writer and ask “Sweetie…really?  We went there?”  Then again the main lady is named Bayonetta for crying out loud…ugh.

I was surprised by Bayonetta and quite happily so.  Instead of it bringing out the inner feminist that I try to keep drugged and locked in a closet, it brought out the “hellz yea us ladies are bad-asses!” mentality.

Worth it.  Loved it.  Just finished it.  Will be replaying.  ‘Nuff said.


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