Horror Books

So I am highly addicted to reading.  I blame my parents, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.  For an only child, books are a great way to stay entertained and out of trouble.
It also encourages a wildly vivid imagination I feel, but maybe that’s just me.

With said vivid imagination, I love more sci-fi/fantasy books, ranging from hilarous, to dramatic, to straight out terrifying.  Anything to gives that next literary rush.

For one, I just picked up this:

It’s an anthology containing some of my favorite authors (Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. Brite, Max Brooks, Stephen King) and I kinda can’t wait to dive into it, what little I’ve been able to read so far has been exciting, so I can’t wait

The Rising
This book was something else.  I am hard to scare any more, call it too many horror movies, my obsession with Zombies, whatever you like, but this book got me.  Brian Keene is an amazing man for this, so much so that I will probably read his other work now, even if it isn’t zombie related.
I literally had to put the book down occasionally to catch my breath and to congratulate myself on surviving the ordeal…seriously.
I’ve given it to other people to borrow, and they share my feelings.  If you want a thrill and you are brave, go read it.  Just beware, I think I had nightmares over it one night >_<.

City of the Dead
This is the follow up to The Rising, and Brian Keene keeps right on torturing you emotionally, it’s amazing.  I wasn’t sure an author could constantly put me through this much torment, but oh, oh yes, Mr. Keene can!

I haven’t read Dead Sea yet, I want it, and I’m not sure if it follows in the same world as The Rising and City of the Dead, but I am planning on reading it regardless, and will no doubt hate and love the experience.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
If you haven’t heard of these books by now, then you have well and truly been under a rock I think.  They isn’t scary at all, and if you hate Jane Austen then you’ll hate these books.  For me, I’m pretty sure I can never read a Jane Austen novel now without some type of monster in it.  I don’t mean this as a slight to Ms.Austen, in fact I mean it as a compliment as only a truly amazing author would be able to have many of her works transcribed so wonderfully into monster novels.  Excitingly, PPZ is also a soon to be movie.  I think it’ll be hilarious personally.

Let The Right One In
I know I talked briefly about this as a movie in my recommended horror Valentine’s day movies, Love and Brains (bwa ha ha I linked my own blog), but this really was an AMAZING book.  While I loved the movie, I loved the book more, and in an odd twist of fate, watching the movie, then reading the book, and then watching the movie again, made me love the movie more.  Mainly because it makes you under stand the characters and psychological depth on a more intimate level.  It was amazing.

If  you have any book suggestions that you think I might enjoy, or something you’d like to harass me over, then feel free to do so, I’m up for an recommendations.  Also, I’ve tried to keep what I want to say about each of these books as vague.  I am very likely to go back to each of these at a later day and devote to them each the time they are due, but I hate to ruin books for people, so if you see one that you would like me to talk more in depth about, then please feel free to yell at me, it’s cool.

Peace, Love, and Brains.


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