Love and Brains

It’s getting eerily close to that cranky time of year, V Day.  I know we aren’t supposed to be cranky or hate the day, but sorry, this girl has a hard time loving all the artifice most people put into it.

Now when you have a significant other that feigned their sister getting sick so they could sneak out of bed to by you flowers with Zombie Valentines, may you breakfast to serve you in bed, and watched Zombie movies with you all day, you might be inclined to like it a little more.
I might just be looking forward to this year’s VD after all.

I’m gonna throw out some suggestions, although if you are an avid lover of Zombie movies or of Asian horror as I am, I highly suggest that you subscribe to Zombie Cupcakes.  She does a wonderful job at reviewing movies and other things Zomb-tastic.

Movies of Consider:
I love a good horror movie on a date/romantic setting.  Some of them have their own built in romantic moments for those of us who are suckers for twisted romance.  (all the links are to the wiki so you can cheat and read the synopses if you want, I didn’t want to give too much away)

Let The Right One In
To me this is one of the cutest movies in the horror genre rever…I’m pretty in love with it.

Shaun of the Dead
WHO DOESN”T LOVE THIS MOVIE!?!?!?  I’ve seen it a million times and it’s still my favorite zombie movie for many reasons…that I will not go into, but while I love tons of other zombie movies as well, this one is perfect for a date night or night in with random people who happened to be in your dwelling.

Boy Eats Girl
Not the best zombie movie, but it has a few moments here and there, and I kinda have a weak spot for bad horror movies, and while this isn’t the worst, it could fall into that category.

Jennifer’s Body
I know what you’re thinking…I do.  But it’s a total campfest and hot girls covered in gore fight.  Need I say more?

It took me a lot longer than I was happy about to see this, but I finally did, and of you love the man that makes these movies, you will not be left disappointed.

I know I have more hiding in my brain somewhere, and as I think of them I’ll add to the list in further updates.

love and brains people!!!


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